Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Equipment for sale

Update III.-- The same story, er. excuse or reason, take your pick, that I haven't done anything on the Web pages for the equipment. Life keeps sticking itself in between this project and my intentions, albeit the best. In addition to the music project (the stereo now fixed with a new pre-amp) and the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide and the associated history projects with it (long overdue work), I've had some health issues of late (really since February but now seeing a doctor). In short, I'll post a followup notice when the equipment Web pages are on-line.

Update II.-- Sorry about not progessing on this, I've been waylaid by a broken water heater, broken stereo amplifier, computer issues (or really a wireless mouse going south), and other events in life. I have to make the space after finishing the other stuff to set up the studio to take photos of the equipment and develop the Web pages.

Update.-- I've compiled the initial list of equipment which you can download the list of cameras and equipment and the list of lenses, both as PDF files. The items not currently for sale are noted. Some are for sale but may be withdrawn later as the sale progresses.

After over 40 years of using Minolta manual focus cameras, lenses, and peripheral equipment, I've decided to trim the collection to the basic pieces I need along with my Canon 5D system and large format (4x5) system. It's long past the time the equipment find a home to someone who appreciates and will use it.

To that end, I will be working on a Web page of the equipment with individual Web pages for each piece with photos and a description. In addition, I will be providing a summary file (PDF), one for the lenses and one for the cameras and equipment. Until I finalize the list, you can request one if you have any questions or interests. Serious inquiries will get the piece reserved and available for your final review and decision.

So far there are ten cameras of every model after the SRT-series, some with motordrives or winders. The XK comes with 4 viewfinders and 3 focusing screens. There are 42 lenses, teleconverters, and macro/micro lenses, lenses from 16mm to 800mm, including 5 non-focusing bellows only lenses from 25mm to 135mm, and two 2x teleconverters.

The equipment includes autobellows, focusing rails, copy stand, extention tube sets, prismfinder, magnifer and eyepieces, extra winders, multi-function back, power grips, bounce reflector and a box of 23 cables, connectors, sync cords, and remote cords. There are no flashes or flash lens sets because they're a part of my current studio setup using Pocket Wizards.

All of the equipment is in excellent or better condition. All the cameras work except one, although some haven't been calibrated in some years. All the lenses have clean optics. The prices advertised includes shipping within the U.S., extra outside the U.S. So, as they say, I'll keep you posted when the list and Web pages are public.