Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fox Sports

Update.-- I'll amend this to include the World Series. I'd rather watch the MLB Network shows than Fox Sports.

Original Post.-- I won't watch the Fox Sports pre-game or post-game shows with the American League Championship Seriers (ALCS) for one reason, Pete Rose. For them to have Pete Rose on their show shows a lack of respect to baseball and the fans.

He was banned from baseball for life and should never been in the Hall of Fame. He has spent his post-career life selling himself. I didn't care for him when he played and I couldn't care less since he's left and was banned from baseball.

And Fox Sports shouldn't give him a national platform, and as such I'll watch the games but not the pre- or post-game shows.

First Rule

First rule when listening to politicians, especially during election campaigns, comes from a physicist, "There's nothing worse than a clear view of a fuzzy concept."