Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mark Twain

"It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense."
                                                  - Mark Twain

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is Wrong Here

Does this mean if you hit one going under 25mph you won't get a ticket? Sorry, just couldn't resist with this sign wondering maybe someone didn't have their coffee that morning when asked to write the text for it, "You want drivers to slow down for the protesters?" I guess stopping for them is optional.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank Us All

All veterans of all the services. Thank us all for our service to our country, the sacrifice of those who gave their life or came home injured or disabled. Thank us all for sacrificing the young years of our lives to protect our nation and the people. Thank us all for the honor of having served.

Thank every veteran you know and every veteran you see. Without all of us, without all of our sacrifice, this country wouldn't be where it is today and where it will go. Thank all those in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. Thank all for believing in our country.

Thank you to all the other veterans. I served with honor during the Vietnam War era, but I thank all those before me and all those after me. We are the ones who served and some fought to make and build this country and we are the ones to protect and defend it from all foreign enemies.

Thank us all. Today and every day.

Liquor in Washington

Voters, you just handed Costco dominate control of the liquor industry in our state. You fell for Costco's $22 Million ads to believe it was in your best interest when in fact it was in their best interest. They were 95+% of the backing for this initiative and you fell lock, stock and barrel. So I hope you realize when small liquor businesses lose jobs or go out of business because they can't compete, they'll have you to show for it.

I hope you realize that all you wanted was cheap liquor to get drunk, but don't be surprised if the prices don't change much and all you're doing is paying Costco and not the state or providing jobs to workers. Costco won't add jobs. They don't give a flying f..k about you, only what's in your wallet.

Voters, you did this to yourself and all of us. Don't expect me to say thank you, let alone shake your hand. You just screwed all of us for this, and you can bet when the facts are in down the road, I'll point at you as the one to blame. You and your ignorance and desire to help Costco and not the state or the people.

I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not betting on it. I wasn't duped, you were.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, give Herman Cain his due this election primary campaign.

"I don't have the facts to back this up but I know..." - You can insert any absurb political rhetorical statement of his.

"I have never acted inappropriately with anyone." - meaning, "I act as any dick would next to any hot, young, white woman."

"I do not recall what I don't know." - Ok, but it's right out of the Bill Clinton playbook, can't you be original?

Sorry, Herman, your words look, smell and feel like cow pasture material, the stuff everyone knows and avoids when walking in a field. But you don't seem to realize you did neither and brought it into the room.

Lies and denial aren't your strengths, it's obvious from the reality of it. But hey, you make really bad comedy of it.

Pryor & Cain

With respect to Herman Cain and his round with the press over sexual harassment claims, to bad Richard Pryor isn't alive anymore. I'd love to hear his take on him and his campaign. Where are the good black comics these days for political comedy and satire? Where are they when you need them? Mr. Pryor, you're really missed. The events these days could sure use your genius and perspective.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Liquor & 1183

I'm not against the privatization of the liquor industry under state regulation and oversight. I've lived in many states where it's privatized, some good and some less good. What I am against is Initiative 1183 which hands it to Costco and the big box stores, leaving the vast majority of smaller and the Mom&Pop stores out of luck.

It also cuts out most if not all of the wholesalers who won't have jobs anymore and smaller liquor producers to can't compete with the direct purchase power of Costco from the big liquor producers. It also puts all the state employees out of jobs with little or no prospect of future employment.

As much as the law says, it doesn't stop small stores and markets from selling hard liquor because of the distance to the nearest store of suffiicent size to sell liquor. Without any larger store, a smaller store will have rights to sell liquor, many where the state liquor store currently exists or new stores where they don't exist.

And as much as the law states, the income won't go directly to law enforcement and state regulators overseeing the stores. The money will go into the general revenue funds for uses determined by the state legislature and the governor's office, not to added enforcement as the ads suggest.

If we privatize the liquor industry, let's do it responsibly where every business involved has fair and equal access to compete and there are jobs for people. Everyone knows Costco and the big box stores won't add employeers to sell liquor, they'll just add the work to the existing staff. And restaurants and other outlets won't add jobs either. It's all pure profit for them, nothing added for jobs, people and families.

I voted against both initiatives when they were on the ballot last time and I'll vote against I-1183 this time. This initiative doesn't help and only hurts us in the long run. There are better ways. If we want to privatize the liquor market in this state, let's do it repsonsibly, not favoring any one industry but favoring all and the state to ensure it doesn't add to the drunk driving and other criminal offenses from alchohol.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr Reid

Senator Reid,

Would you please stop calling Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell "your friend"? Is he really worth more to you than all the democrats in the Senate? Is he really more important than the American people? Is he really worth it to call someone a friend who has done nothing to help you, the democrats and the American people?

He's not the democrats' friend, not the friend of the American people, and certainly not the friend of America? He's not anyone's friend except the wealthy and corporations. So would you please stop calling him that and get your head out of your political ass and start helping Americans and America?

How about it? You are turning into the most ridiculous and worst democrat leader in the Senate in a generation. You are too soft. You are too easy. And you are too submissive to the republiican agenda and Mr. McConnell. You have had your political balls and head handed to you by Mr. McConnell, and what are you doing?

You're whining while calling Mr. McConnell your friend? Yes, it may be in jest, but we, you know the American people, don't see it that way. We see you caving to him and the republicans without standing up and being vocal. Being patriotic. Being for us. Being for America. You're a wimp in a democratic suit, nothing more and a lot less.

Yes, I'm angry at the situation you created in the Senate by giving into the republicans and not changing the rules to prevent filibusters to help this country and the people. You sold us out for your own career and your friend. So why not prove you're a democrat and an American? How about it?

You know what needs to be done. You know what you need to do. You know what's right. So when will you do it? How many Americans will lose their benefits, their health insurance and their jobs? How many while you keep collecting a salary while we suffer at the cost of your friend. Is that your idea of friendship?

It's not mine.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In God We Trust

The House of Representatives voted to reaffirm this is the national motto put on every coin and paper bill, "In God We Trust." Ok, I can buy that, except it's not why they were elected in 2010. Remember why they were elected? It's about jobs stupid, not taxes, money, morality, etc., just jobs. So am I ok with this bill?

Easy, God is God. Every faith, religion and belief has a God. Not their God. Just God. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism (mine) and so on down the list. All have God. Not one God specific to their religion, just God. God is God. Their God is the same Christian God. God is the God of all religions.

So the motto, "In God We Trust" is everyone's God. A God we all can put our trust and faith, spelled out on our currency, every coin and bill. Money for everyone. God for everyone. Our nation under God for everyone. Except of course athetists, agnostics, and other religion which has a different definition of God, but hey, everyone's God still loves them.

Thanks Representatives for reassuring us we of all faiths and religions put our trust in God. Not what we wanted or needed to have it reaffirmed (since it already is law) but we'll take it in good thought. Now can you get back to the business of jobs? Ok, one bill about jobs? You know to put that currency in the wages and pockets of people?

Isn't that what God would do? Isn't that what God put trust in us to do, to help others? How about it? Isn't that also God's work?