Thursday, November 10, 2011

Liquor in Washington

Voters, you just handed Costco dominate control of the liquor industry in our state. You fell for Costco's $22 Million ads to believe it was in your best interest when in fact it was in their best interest. They were 95+% of the backing for this initiative and you fell lock, stock and barrel. So I hope you realize when small liquor businesses lose jobs or go out of business because they can't compete, they'll have you to show for it.

I hope you realize that all you wanted was cheap liquor to get drunk, but don't be surprised if the prices don't change much and all you're doing is paying Costco and not the state or providing jobs to workers. Costco won't add jobs. They don't give a flying f..k about you, only what's in your wallet.

Voters, you did this to yourself and all of us. Don't expect me to say thank you, let alone shake your hand. You just screwed all of us for this, and you can bet when the facts are in down the road, I'll point at you as the one to blame. You and your ignorance and desire to help Costco and not the state or the people.

I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not betting on it. I wasn't duped, you were.

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