Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr Reid

Senator Reid,

Would you please stop calling Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell "your friend"? Is he really worth more to you than all the democrats in the Senate? Is he really more important than the American people? Is he really worth it to call someone a friend who has done nothing to help you, the democrats and the American people?

He's not the democrats' friend, not the friend of the American people, and certainly not the friend of America? He's not anyone's friend except the wealthy and corporations. So would you please stop calling him that and get your head out of your political ass and start helping Americans and America?

How about it? You are turning into the most ridiculous and worst democrat leader in the Senate in a generation. You are too soft. You are too easy. And you are too submissive to the republiican agenda and Mr. McConnell. You have had your political balls and head handed to you by Mr. McConnell, and what are you doing?

You're whining while calling Mr. McConnell your friend? Yes, it may be in jest, but we, you know the American people, don't see it that way. We see you caving to him and the republicans without standing up and being vocal. Being patriotic. Being for us. Being for America. You're a wimp in a democratic suit, nothing more and a lot less.

Yes, I'm angry at the situation you created in the Senate by giving into the republicans and not changing the rules to prevent filibusters to help this country and the people. You sold us out for your own career and your friend. So why not prove you're a democrat and an American? How about it?

You know what needs to be done. You know what you need to do. You know what's right. So when will you do it? How many Americans will lose their benefits, their health insurance and their jobs? How many while you keep collecting a salary while we suffer at the cost of your friend. Is that your idea of friendship?

It's not mine.

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