Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, give Herman Cain his due this election primary campaign.

"I don't have the facts to back this up but I know..." - You can insert any absurb political rhetorical statement of his.

"I have never acted inappropriately with anyone." - meaning, "I act as any dick would next to any hot, young, white woman."

"I do not recall what I don't know." - Ok, but it's right out of the Bill Clinton playbook, can't you be original?

Sorry, Herman, your words look, smell and feel like cow pasture material, the stuff everyone knows and avoids when walking in a field. But you don't seem to realize you did neither and brought it into the room.

Lies and denial aren't your strengths, it's obvious from the reality of it. But hey, you make really bad comedy of it.

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