Monday, August 29, 2011

Dick Cheney

Has it occurred to anyone that someone should exercise their Second Amendment rights to shut Dick Cheney up over his interview about his book and more so his book? If there is anyone who needs to shut up and retire, it's him followed by Donald Rumsfeldt.

Is it strange both released books on the eve of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11? They could have easily published the books sooner, so why now, like it will sell better because of the anniversary of 9/11? Like we'll appreciate them anymore? Or any less?

If the anyone on the right can shoot anyone on the left who disagrees with them, as quoted by Sharon Angle and others, then is it right to shoot anyone on the right when the anyone on the left not only disagrees with them but when the right is being obviously stupid?

What, then there wouldn't be anyone on the right. Wow, what a concept, no stupid wingnuts. But then who will the liberal media have to bitch about? That's ok, there's always a good supply of wingnuts, just go ask any evangelical.

Ok, I'm not serious. Really. Well, maybe not that serious, but hey, if the folks on the right can think out loud, then we on the left have the same right, or does on the Constitution and Amendments only apply to them?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

They Won't Budge

Dear President,

What don't you understand after two and a half years of intransigence by the Republicans? What don't you get about the idea, they're not going to budge on anything!, no matter how small or even how republican? They're not going to agree with you on anything unless you move to the right, as you have been doing since day one in your presidency.

And now I read you want to do more of the same? More small cuts in spending, modest stimulis plans, reform entitlements, etc., all republican ideas and everything republicans want but not from you, unless of course, you give them more and get nothing in return, like the debt ceiling bill of late. Yeah, you got the debt ceiling raised to January 2013 but at what price and cost then too?

Like massive cuts in government spending, entitlements and other programs? Like you'll be forced to extend the Bush tax cuts in 2012 or not get a 2013 budget? Like you'll be looking at a more severe fight over the 2012 budget this year, if it's not just more continuing resolution at 2010 levels, something the Repubicans love?

What don't you understand to think big and bold and then push the Republicans into refusing to go along to show the American people what they're really like and what their real agenda is, to trash this country, the economy and the people. That's their goal, starve government through deep cuts in programs and agencies, cut taxes for the corporations and wealthy, and in short, screw the American people.

What don't you understand when Mitch McConnell said his goal was to make you a one-term president? And then you gave John Boenher everything he wanted in return for promises? Like the Debt commission? Yeah, like that's going to work? Do you really think the American people and the voters are that stupid? Like the previous debt and deficit commissions have worked?

Obviously you do from your rhetoric about negotiation and compromise. But what compromise? All we saw was give-aways to the Republicans. I know I'm being extreme here, but then I'm a 1960's era progressive liberal, one who served during the Vietnam War in the Air Force (69-73), so I'm angry at your quick and easy willingness to give away long held mainstream democratic values and views.

But I'm not stupid to believe you're for us now, but for your re-election. You'll court us with words when we want action and results, something you haven't done to date in your presidency. We want a standup president for Americans than for corporations, the wealthy, and everything else republican. You sold us our for victories, hollow ones, empty ones and meaningless ones.

And now you want to talk small even more, about negotiating and compromising with the Republicans to get small victories to help the economy and the people in small ways. Like we're going to think that's good? And then vote for you? We might, but where's the backbone to standup for us? Where's the balls to show what you believe in for us? Where's the voice to tell the Republicans you want them to move left now and you won't move right anymore?

We'd rather see a stallmate than you move more right. We'd rather see you refuse to give in to the republicans. We'd rather see you propose big measures to challenge Congress to help this country, the economy and the people. Or we'd rather find a president who will. We may not vote for a republican, but that doesn't mean we'll vote for you.

We can give you a no confidence vote by simply not voting for you. We can vote our conscience to express our opinion about you, and if the republican wins, well so be it, because we'll know you didn't win our vote. You didn't stand up for us. So we don't have to stand up for you. We don't have to choose between the lesser of evils, we can simply choose none of the above.

You should not forget that while the republicans won't budge, like you already know that from recent history, we don't have to budge either. We can simply wish you well but you're not our guy to be president because you haven't stood up for us so fare and you've shown you won't stand up for us in the future.

That's the deal. We want action, not words. We want results, not rhetoric. We want a stand up president, one who will stand up for America and Americans. On that we won't budge. Your move Mr. President. You have to move, your choice, but our vote.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting Re-elected

Dear President,

So you want to be re-elected? Well, the way you're going, you'll be another GWH Bush real fast, but take heart in the fact people won't decide who to vote for until September and October 2012. And they will vote the old-fashioned way, from their pocketbook asking themselves are they better off than they were 4 years ago.

But that said, right now, you're not winning those pocketbooks let alone getting back all those hearts and minds you broke with your trail of broken, forgotten or misplaced promises. Remember them from 2008? Gee, you don't remember you left them by the roadside shortly after being inaugurated in January 2009. What a short memory you have.

And so far, which I don't see anything changing soon, you're losing the pocketbooks in droves, especially the base which supported and voted for you. I am one of those whose annuity you froze for several years while everything around me increased where I've been losing money now for the second year in a row and will continue to lose money for another few years, all because of you.

Yes you. Not Congress. Not the economy. You, when you froze my annuity and not fixing prices of everything else. I, like the rest of the retired government employees bit the financial bullet for you and what have we gotten in return? Increased costs and losing income. Gee, what a re-election concept, starve the electorate. Into what? More promises of better days and times? Like when?

But that's not the point here. You can be re-elected, but not by what you're doing now moving to the right (your center), abandoning your liberal and progressive base. You left us long ago for negotiation and compromise which turned into conpitulation and surrender to the Republicans, leaving you crumbs when they got "98% of what they wanted" from you, House majority leader Boehner's words.

See why your strategy and tactics aren't winning. We don't care about politics, we want a better life and many people simply want a job and more so a good job to live, not like you or everyone in Congress, but just live and have some money beyond subsistance. Is that so hard to understand? Is that so hard to speak for the people? Is that so hard to fight Congress for the people?

Apparently it is for you. The Republicans have learned two things with you. Just say no. It doesn't matter what, even their own ideas and bills, just say no. Vote no and nothing gets done. And two bleed you to death. Politically I mean, simply put a lot of roadblocks in your way where you can't focus on what's important for this country and the people. But then you keep falling for it.

You keep trying to negotiate moving the right inch by political inch until you've lost sight of the left. No? Like extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy? Remember your promise? And will that promise be forgotten in December 2012 too when the Republicans block lame duck bills again?

Like the debt ceiling bill? Where's the simple bill like the Republicans have done so under Bush, Clinton, Bush and Reagan? You asked for it but they knew you weren't serious because you continued to negotiate with them. They won. And you didn't see it. You should have said you want a simple bill and left it to the Democrats in Congress. You should have stood behind them and you didn't.

What you need to do is simple. Just say no in return. Tell the Republicans what you want, remember it's for all of us - keep that message in mind and in your words, and then don't negotiate anymore. Stand there and make them really move or face being seen as what they are, obstructionists. Just stand still and say no in return, you will not negotiate beyond the center-left anymore.

And then propose jobs bill after jobs bill after jobs bill. Did I mention jobs bills? Don't stop offering them to the House and make them vote on them or show they won't act on them to bring this economy and people back to prosperity. Talk about the future and better times but with bills after bills after bills. Don't stop. Don't just talk, we've heard it and are tired of it. Act and act big.

Big jobs bills. Big economy-improving bills for small businesses and employees. Think FDR. Think big, like this country. Think like all of us. Then act! And then speak out against those who are against you for not doing anything, like every damn Republican in the House and Senate. Hold them accountable with actions. Hold them accountable to us, the voters, the people.

Make them look real stupid. Yeah, I know you're a nice guy and don't want to do that, but do you have a choice? Do you really want to be a one-term president and hand this country over to a conservative, religious Republican, again? Because if you don't start fighting and continue fighting, that's what will happen because your base and the voters are really pissed at you.

Like Big Time! Really big. That's why you have a year to change things, not necessarily in reality as the Republicans will continue to say no and put roadblocks in the way. But you can show them to the people with actions, with loud passionate talks, with words meant to inspire the basic beliefs of people. Not what you're doing now.

You must change or you will be changed by events in November 2012. You're not winning the independents, like me. You're not keeping your base. You're not winning the hearts and minds of Americans. You have to fight their mean-spirited words and actions, not with that or them but with yourself, your words and actions.

That will get you re-elected. And did I forgot to mention jobs bills? Lots of them? Not talk, not promises, just bill after bill after bill. You have the House and Senate Democrats on your side, where they've been waiting for you. Just walk back across from the center-right where you've been these last two years to the center-left and left.

Forget the right. They will only move more right when you move a little, ever so little, to the right. They've seen it and done and you've moved right where they want you. It's time to move back in a leap and stand there. Fixed and angry. Fixed and vocal. Fixed and doing.

And no matter the economy, the people will believe in you and vote for you. Remember they did with FDR during the depression. Keep that in mind. Keep him in mind. And most of all keep us in mind. Americans.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dear Apple

I have a Mac Pro, upgraded December last year from my 2006 Mac PPC, and really love it with Snow Leopard (OS-X 10.6.8). I won't argue or debate with PC fanatics, er. users, about the benefits of each, it's personal choice. I used a PC the last 2-3 years of my USGS employment and hated it. I eventually made it mimic a Sun workstation which I used for 90+% of my work, only using e-mail (Lotus Notes) and MS Office for files folks sent me.

That said, I've been reading about Apple's new operating system, Lion (OS-X 10.7) and I have to say I'm not planning to move to it for awhile, at least 4-6 months while they work out the bugs, when I can also get a physical copy (flash drive) of it as a backup than relying on the App store, and the third party software companies get their versions out which actually works.

So far, from what I read there are a few things which I don't like about Lion and related stuff. First, I hate the Apple App store. I hope Adobe never puts more than basic applications on it and keeps their suite of applications off it. I hate you're restricted to it to ensure you get free updates or upgrades when offered or buy it separate from the vendor.

I hate it doesn't recognize the same application bought before the App store and the vendor only offers updates or upgrades through the App store, meaning you have to buy it again. Some have fixed this but not all have so some have disabled updates or upgrades through the application, requiring you use the App store, and yes, buying it again.

Or not as I have and will let several applications lapse into oblivion.

Second, I don't like the new look and interface. I only want Lion if I can turn it all off and keep the Snow Leopard look and interface. I like my iPad and iPhone, but I don't want that on my Mac. I've read not all can be turned off, so I'm waiting for more information to see what I can control and what I can keep.

Third, I don't like many Leopard and early applications aren't forward compatible for Lion, requiring paid upgrades to move them to Lion. I'm cataloging the cost of these. Some are making their new versions backward compatible but eventually Apple will likely restrict that as they did with PPC Mac's and Leopard with the upgrade to Snow Leopard. It took me a week to sort out what I lost, what broke and buying upgrades.

So far with Lion, I'll found I'll lose Adobe Creative Suite 2. That I can lose except one app as I'm using CS5/5.5 with some CS3 and 4 applications which so far I've read will work. The biggest problem is that printer and more so scanner companies are dropping drivers (using Rosetta) and/or utilities. Nikon's scanner software doesn't work under Lion, but then I don't use it anymore (I use Silverast but it has a paid upgrade due out later in August).

I don't plan to buy upgrades for some applications since I don't use them and haven't upgraded them in the last 1-2 years (a whole version ago). I have some old applications, though, I really like, eg. Adobe's GoLive 9 (separate CS3 app) which may or may not work, I've gotten mixed result. Another, Adobe Image Ready (really simple cool, image map app) is lost as it's in CS2.

It's why I dislike Apple making backward compatible applications obsolete quicker than they should by moving away from universal binaries which run on older PPC and early Intel Mac's. Granted it's their choice, as selling new computer as I did, helps the bottom line than supporting older ones.

Lastly, and mostly, I don't want the "Cloud" (iCloud). I like iDisk for storing files. I don't want to put anything on my Mac in the "cloud" to share with my other devices. I'll use iTunes for that, unless of course you screw iTunes to disable the communications with iPads and iPhones, but I don't think you're that stupid. Yet anyway.

I really hate the idea iCloud is in the OS with all the Apple apps, eg. Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iTunes, etc. I only want that stuff on my Mac or in my Iphone or Ipad through iTunes. I don't want those on the cloud even if it's free. I will turn it all off. I'm angry the cloud won't allow me to store files, images and music for others (or that I've read). It why I have iDisk, to store backup stuff and the public folder to share.

Anyway, Apple, while Lion may be a good upgrade underneath the hood, I'm not looking forward to getting into it and sitting behind the wheel. Yet anyway. I'm still reading the owners manual before I buy. I don't want to get it to discover things I really hate and can't control. I'll keep you posted or at least there is no choice like you did with my PPC.

Stop Talking and Start Doing

Dear Congress and especially the Republicans,

Stop the damn talking and start doing. We don't want to hear anymore talk about the focus on jobs, but we want to hear and see legislation to create them, and we don't care if it's jobs from businesses or government. The House Republicans have the responsibility, and more so the obligation, to get bills into law to create jobs.

You haven't done anything despite all your political rhetoric to do that from the 2010 election campaign to taking power in the House. Nothing. Not one bill. Not even an idea. Nothing. No jobs, just like ole' GW Bush himself who lost millions of jobs from the Bush tax cuts. Remember those tax cuts which you promised would create jobs. So?

Where's the jobs?

And to the Republicans in the Senate, stop your obviously stupid filibuster and pass the damn bills to create jobs. The working person doesn't care who's paying the bills, if it's customers, businesses, or the government. They don't care, only they get a paycheck to pay for the home, buy food, educate their children, afford health insurance, whatever it takes just to live anymore.

And if you don't create jobs, consider the thought that you also will be unemployed in November 2012 because we will fire you and let you try to collect unemployment insurance, like the millions who will be standing beside you in line. Then you too can argue about jobs because you'll really understand the reality.

So, get your head out of your ass and create jobs. Jobs, jobs and jobs. Get America working. Get America growing. You understand that don't you? You're for America and Americans aren't you? Or are you anti-America and anti-American? Are you unpatriotic for our country and people?

No? Then create the damn jobs. Damn where it comes from, the debt, taxes, wherever. But don't argue just tax cuts because we know they don't create jobs. That's a 10-year old lie. We know it. We see it and we're living it. So don't try it anymore. Just do what it takes to create jobs.

Did you get the point?
Create Jobs!

Now stop talking and start doing!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Selling America

Reading the news about the agreement to raise the debt ceiling, America and the American people have been sold by President Obama, with help from the Democrats in Congress, to the Republicans, Tea Party and all. The Republicans knew they would have to raise it, they only played the part of being stubborn to win concessions, and they did perfectly as the Democrats and more so the President caved to their demands when the Republicans played being children.

The President tried to outsmart them by getting a longterm extension conceding the least cuts in spending, which he got, except it didn't include promises to let the Bush tax cuts expire, or better repeal them now, add new tax revenues, reform the tax code or even get some tax loopholes closed. Nothing in taxes for $1.2 Trillion in spending cuts to programs which help working families, the elderly, the poor, children, and so on down the line.

Nothing. They got something and we got nothing, except we'll be paying more and getting less while they'll be paying less and getting more. What a deal. The wealthy Americans and corporations got freedom and we got the bill. Is that what the President and the Democrats call fair? If it is, then I'd hate to see what they will give away again when the 2012 appropriations bills go through Congress. Wait, they've already did it with amendments to other bills, screw our government and the American people.

So where are the President and the Democrats for the people? Or have they simply sold us, our country, our nation, our economy and our government to the Republicans for what in return? I don't see anything for us and see everything for them. Gee, that's going to make voters feel warm and fuzzy to Democrats next year.

But more importantly to everyone in Washington D.C., both parties and the President, a question.


It was the Republican campaign agenda in the 2010 election. They promised the Bush tax cuts create jobs, like we already knew it didn't since the tax cuts were enacted hasn't created any new jobs - and in fact we lost jobs under Bush. They promised to make jobs a priority, so where is any legislation to create jobs? Huh? Really, just one bill would help.

And did all this wrangling over the debt ceiling create jobs? Or was it just another step in the Republican's plan to trash Americans, trash our country and trash our economy to make President Obama a "one term president." (Senate Republican leader McConnell words)? Flush everything down the toliet for the White House?

That's the truth here. We see it, but apparently the President and the Democrats don't appear to see it let alone do anything to help. And now you've wasted weeks of stupid, idiotic political wrangling for nothing. And still no new jobs bills. Maybe we need the elderly woman who asked about the beef in the hamburger about jobs? At least she'd have a job for awhile.

Nothing Congress or the President has done created anything of significance to lower the unemployment rate and help the unemployed, the families in debt, home buyers facing foreclosure, and families who can't afford healthcare or even the basics of life. But then all of you still got paid, got affordable health insurance, and lived well while the rest of us got the check.

So, what's next Republicans? What's the next pissing and pouting match you're going to pick we have to suffer?