Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting Re-elected

Dear President,

So you want to be re-elected? Well, the way you're going, you'll be another GWH Bush real fast, but take heart in the fact people won't decide who to vote for until September and October 2012. And they will vote the old-fashioned way, from their pocketbook asking themselves are they better off than they were 4 years ago.

But that said, right now, you're not winning those pocketbooks let alone getting back all those hearts and minds you broke with your trail of broken, forgotten or misplaced promises. Remember them from 2008? Gee, you don't remember you left them by the roadside shortly after being inaugurated in January 2009. What a short memory you have.

And so far, which I don't see anything changing soon, you're losing the pocketbooks in droves, especially the base which supported and voted for you. I am one of those whose annuity you froze for several years while everything around me increased where I've been losing money now for the second year in a row and will continue to lose money for another few years, all because of you.

Yes you. Not Congress. Not the economy. You, when you froze my annuity and not fixing prices of everything else. I, like the rest of the retired government employees bit the financial bullet for you and what have we gotten in return? Increased costs and losing income. Gee, what a re-election concept, starve the electorate. Into what? More promises of better days and times? Like when?

But that's not the point here. You can be re-elected, but not by what you're doing now moving to the right (your center), abandoning your liberal and progressive base. You left us long ago for negotiation and compromise which turned into conpitulation and surrender to the Republicans, leaving you crumbs when they got "98% of what they wanted" from you, House majority leader Boehner's words.

See why your strategy and tactics aren't winning. We don't care about politics, we want a better life and many people simply want a job and more so a good job to live, not like you or everyone in Congress, but just live and have some money beyond subsistance. Is that so hard to understand? Is that so hard to speak for the people? Is that so hard to fight Congress for the people?

Apparently it is for you. The Republicans have learned two things with you. Just say no. It doesn't matter what, even their own ideas and bills, just say no. Vote no and nothing gets done. And two bleed you to death. Politically I mean, simply put a lot of roadblocks in your way where you can't focus on what's important for this country and the people. But then you keep falling for it.

You keep trying to negotiate moving the right inch by political inch until you've lost sight of the left. No? Like extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy? Remember your promise? And will that promise be forgotten in December 2012 too when the Republicans block lame duck bills again?

Like the debt ceiling bill? Where's the simple bill like the Republicans have done so under Bush, Clinton, Bush and Reagan? You asked for it but they knew you weren't serious because you continued to negotiate with them. They won. And you didn't see it. You should have said you want a simple bill and left it to the Democrats in Congress. You should have stood behind them and you didn't.

What you need to do is simple. Just say no in return. Tell the Republicans what you want, remember it's for all of us - keep that message in mind and in your words, and then don't negotiate anymore. Stand there and make them really move or face being seen as what they are, obstructionists. Just stand still and say no in return, you will not negotiate beyond the center-left anymore.

And then propose jobs bill after jobs bill after jobs bill. Did I mention jobs bills? Don't stop offering them to the House and make them vote on them or show they won't act on them to bring this economy and people back to prosperity. Talk about the future and better times but with bills after bills after bills. Don't stop. Don't just talk, we've heard it and are tired of it. Act and act big.

Big jobs bills. Big economy-improving bills for small businesses and employees. Think FDR. Think big, like this country. Think like all of us. Then act! And then speak out against those who are against you for not doing anything, like every damn Republican in the House and Senate. Hold them accountable with actions. Hold them accountable to us, the voters, the people.

Make them look real stupid. Yeah, I know you're a nice guy and don't want to do that, but do you have a choice? Do you really want to be a one-term president and hand this country over to a conservative, religious Republican, again? Because if you don't start fighting and continue fighting, that's what will happen because your base and the voters are really pissed at you.

Like Big Time! Really big. That's why you have a year to change things, not necessarily in reality as the Republicans will continue to say no and put roadblocks in the way. But you can show them to the people with actions, with loud passionate talks, with words meant to inspire the basic beliefs of people. Not what you're doing now.

You must change or you will be changed by events in November 2012. You're not winning the independents, like me. You're not keeping your base. You're not winning the hearts and minds of Americans. You have to fight their mean-spirited words and actions, not with that or them but with yourself, your words and actions.

That will get you re-elected. And did I forgot to mention jobs bills? Lots of them? Not talk, not promises, just bill after bill after bill. You have the House and Senate Democrats on your side, where they've been waiting for you. Just walk back across from the center-right where you've been these last two years to the center-left and left.

Forget the right. They will only move more right when you move a little, ever so little, to the right. They've seen it and done and you've moved right where they want you. It's time to move back in a leap and stand there. Fixed and angry. Fixed and vocal. Fixed and doing.

And no matter the economy, the people will believe in you and vote for you. Remember they did with FDR during the depression. Keep that in mind. Keep him in mind. And most of all keep us in mind. Americans.

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