Monday, August 29, 2011

Dick Cheney

Has it occurred to anyone that someone should exercise their Second Amendment rights to shut Dick Cheney up over his interview about his book and more so his book? If there is anyone who needs to shut up and retire, it's him followed by Donald Rumsfeldt.

Is it strange both released books on the eve of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11? They could have easily published the books sooner, so why now, like it will sell better because of the anniversary of 9/11? Like we'll appreciate them anymore? Or any less?

If the anyone on the right can shoot anyone on the left who disagrees with them, as quoted by Sharon Angle and others, then is it right to shoot anyone on the right when the anyone on the left not only disagrees with them but when the right is being obviously stupid?

What, then there wouldn't be anyone on the right. Wow, what a concept, no stupid wingnuts. But then who will the liberal media have to bitch about? That's ok, there's always a good supply of wingnuts, just go ask any evangelical.

Ok, I'm not serious. Really. Well, maybe not that serious, but hey, if the folks on the right can think out loud, then we on the left have the same right, or does on the Constitution and Amendments only apply to them?

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