Friday, August 5, 2011

Dear Apple

I have a Mac Pro, upgraded December last year from my 2006 Mac PPC, and really love it with Snow Leopard (OS-X 10.6.8). I won't argue or debate with PC fanatics, er. users, about the benefits of each, it's personal choice. I used a PC the last 2-3 years of my USGS employment and hated it. I eventually made it mimic a Sun workstation which I used for 90+% of my work, only using e-mail (Lotus Notes) and MS Office for files folks sent me.

That said, I've been reading about Apple's new operating system, Lion (OS-X 10.7) and I have to say I'm not planning to move to it for awhile, at least 4-6 months while they work out the bugs, when I can also get a physical copy (flash drive) of it as a backup than relying on the App store, and the third party software companies get their versions out which actually works.

So far, from what I read there are a few things which I don't like about Lion and related stuff. First, I hate the Apple App store. I hope Adobe never puts more than basic applications on it and keeps their suite of applications off it. I hate you're restricted to it to ensure you get free updates or upgrades when offered or buy it separate from the vendor.

I hate it doesn't recognize the same application bought before the App store and the vendor only offers updates or upgrades through the App store, meaning you have to buy it again. Some have fixed this but not all have so some have disabled updates or upgrades through the application, requiring you use the App store, and yes, buying it again.

Or not as I have and will let several applications lapse into oblivion.

Second, I don't like the new look and interface. I only want Lion if I can turn it all off and keep the Snow Leopard look and interface. I like my iPad and iPhone, but I don't want that on my Mac. I've read not all can be turned off, so I'm waiting for more information to see what I can control and what I can keep.

Third, I don't like many Leopard and early applications aren't forward compatible for Lion, requiring paid upgrades to move them to Lion. I'm cataloging the cost of these. Some are making their new versions backward compatible but eventually Apple will likely restrict that as they did with PPC Mac's and Leopard with the upgrade to Snow Leopard. It took me a week to sort out what I lost, what broke and buying upgrades.

So far with Lion, I'll found I'll lose Adobe Creative Suite 2. That I can lose except one app as I'm using CS5/5.5 with some CS3 and 4 applications which so far I've read will work. The biggest problem is that printer and more so scanner companies are dropping drivers (using Rosetta) and/or utilities. Nikon's scanner software doesn't work under Lion, but then I don't use it anymore (I use Silverast but it has a paid upgrade due out later in August).

I don't plan to buy upgrades for some applications since I don't use them and haven't upgraded them in the last 1-2 years (a whole version ago). I have some old applications, though, I really like, eg. Adobe's GoLive 9 (separate CS3 app) which may or may not work, I've gotten mixed result. Another, Adobe Image Ready (really simple cool, image map app) is lost as it's in CS2.

It's why I dislike Apple making backward compatible applications obsolete quicker than they should by moving away from universal binaries which run on older PPC and early Intel Mac's. Granted it's their choice, as selling new computer as I did, helps the bottom line than supporting older ones.

Lastly, and mostly, I don't want the "Cloud" (iCloud). I like iDisk for storing files. I don't want to put anything on my Mac in the "cloud" to share with my other devices. I'll use iTunes for that, unless of course you screw iTunes to disable the communications with iPads and iPhones, but I don't think you're that stupid. Yet anyway.

I really hate the idea iCloud is in the OS with all the Apple apps, eg. Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iTunes, etc. I only want that stuff on my Mac or in my Iphone or Ipad through iTunes. I don't want those on the cloud even if it's free. I will turn it all off. I'm angry the cloud won't allow me to store files, images and music for others (or that I've read). It why I have iDisk, to store backup stuff and the public folder to share.

Anyway, Apple, while Lion may be a good upgrade underneath the hood, I'm not looking forward to getting into it and sitting behind the wheel. Yet anyway. I'm still reading the owners manual before I buy. I don't want to get it to discover things I really hate and can't control. I'll keep you posted or at least there is no choice like you did with my PPC.

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