Friday, August 5, 2011

Stop Talking and Start Doing

Dear Congress and especially the Republicans,

Stop the damn talking and start doing. We don't want to hear anymore talk about the focus on jobs, but we want to hear and see legislation to create them, and we don't care if it's jobs from businesses or government. The House Republicans have the responsibility, and more so the obligation, to get bills into law to create jobs.

You haven't done anything despite all your political rhetoric to do that from the 2010 election campaign to taking power in the House. Nothing. Not one bill. Not even an idea. Nothing. No jobs, just like ole' GW Bush himself who lost millions of jobs from the Bush tax cuts. Remember those tax cuts which you promised would create jobs. So?

Where's the jobs?

And to the Republicans in the Senate, stop your obviously stupid filibuster and pass the damn bills to create jobs. The working person doesn't care who's paying the bills, if it's customers, businesses, or the government. They don't care, only they get a paycheck to pay for the home, buy food, educate their children, afford health insurance, whatever it takes just to live anymore.

And if you don't create jobs, consider the thought that you also will be unemployed in November 2012 because we will fire you and let you try to collect unemployment insurance, like the millions who will be standing beside you in line. Then you too can argue about jobs because you'll really understand the reality.

So, get your head out of your ass and create jobs. Jobs, jobs and jobs. Get America working. Get America growing. You understand that don't you? You're for America and Americans aren't you? Or are you anti-America and anti-American? Are you unpatriotic for our country and people?

No? Then create the damn jobs. Damn where it comes from, the debt, taxes, wherever. But don't argue just tax cuts because we know they don't create jobs. That's a 10-year old lie. We know it. We see it and we're living it. So don't try it anymore. Just do what it takes to create jobs.

Did you get the point?
Create Jobs!

Now stop talking and start doing!

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