Thursday, October 26, 2017

What we learned

What we've learned with Trump's presidency is frightening. We have a president who's a narcissistic, spolled, whiny man-child whose sole interests are personal attention and adoration, and now we're seeing has memory problems. He keeps changing his mind because he can't remember what he previously said.

We have a president who wants to establish an authoritarian presidency simply because he thinks it's his right. He's shown he's the laziest president in post WWII history with no interest to learn or be involved in governing this country.

We have a president who has played golf ~30% of his days in office, and played golf on weekend leaving the country and people of Puerto Rico devasted after the hurricane. He has verbally attacked people on Twitter in the face of the facts of his lies, all for his ego and self-image.

We have an administration staffed with wealthy (American) oligarchs who will undo decades of regulations and laws making America a good country and helping Americans. From worker rights and safety, to environmental protection, to healthcare, to jobs, to financial protections, to human and civil liberties, all being destroyed by them with no remorse, often with smiles.

We have a republican party that isn't hiding is sole goal is to enrich corporations and wealthy people, many donors to their campaign. They'll bleed the American people and drive the country into deeper debt to achieve their goal draining America and Americans of our resources.

We have a republican party which refuses to doing anything to address the obvious corruption and criminal activities by Trump, his family, and his administration. They refuse to address the effect the Russians had on the 2016 election and refuse to protect future elections from further hacking by Russians.

We have a democratic party which after facing a humilitating loss is fighting change by the old guard who created the problems and won't resign to open the party and leadership to the next generation. They're dying politically and refuse to their meds to revive themselves.

We have a democratic party in turmoil to accept they too are the party dominated by old, white people. Obama challenged them and proved them wrong. And now they have to get their political head out of their ass and get out the vote for next two elections with a real message, not slogans or promises, but results.

We have a media that is being gobbled up and corporations owned by wealthy conservatives and private equity firms, which could leave the vast majority of our media owned by elite repubicans. And the GOP is helping them by dismantling rules restricting ownership.

We are becoming more an oligarchic corporate government and economy. Even the most social conscious companies (eg. Google and Facebook) support republicans as much as democrats, because they know owning Congress regardles of the majority wins for them.

And worst of all we are becoming a country where the voting rights of minorities are being restricted to guarantee white republicans will always have a majority, even in states they're a minority. We will lose the basic foundation of our democracy if they succeed.

Let understand what's at stake here. The democrats are no angels. They're corrupt too, only less than republicans, and eqaully beholding to their wealthy and corporate donors, but for now they're the only hope of change.