Sunday, August 14, 2011

They Won't Budge

Dear President,

What don't you understand after two and a half years of intransigence by the Republicans? What don't you get about the idea, they're not going to budge on anything!, no matter how small or even how republican? They're not going to agree with you on anything unless you move to the right, as you have been doing since day one in your presidency.

And now I read you want to do more of the same? More small cuts in spending, modest stimulis plans, reform entitlements, etc., all republican ideas and everything republicans want but not from you, unless of course, you give them more and get nothing in return, like the debt ceiling bill of late. Yeah, you got the debt ceiling raised to January 2013 but at what price and cost then too?

Like massive cuts in government spending, entitlements and other programs? Like you'll be forced to extend the Bush tax cuts in 2012 or not get a 2013 budget? Like you'll be looking at a more severe fight over the 2012 budget this year, if it's not just more continuing resolution at 2010 levels, something the Repubicans love?

What don't you understand to think big and bold and then push the Republicans into refusing to go along to show the American people what they're really like and what their real agenda is, to trash this country, the economy and the people. That's their goal, starve government through deep cuts in programs and agencies, cut taxes for the corporations and wealthy, and in short, screw the American people.

What don't you understand when Mitch McConnell said his goal was to make you a one-term president? And then you gave John Boenher everything he wanted in return for promises? Like the Debt commission? Yeah, like that's going to work? Do you really think the American people and the voters are that stupid? Like the previous debt and deficit commissions have worked?

Obviously you do from your rhetoric about negotiation and compromise. But what compromise? All we saw was give-aways to the Republicans. I know I'm being extreme here, but then I'm a 1960's era progressive liberal, one who served during the Vietnam War in the Air Force (69-73), so I'm angry at your quick and easy willingness to give away long held mainstream democratic values and views.

But I'm not stupid to believe you're for us now, but for your re-election. You'll court us with words when we want action and results, something you haven't done to date in your presidency. We want a standup president for Americans than for corporations, the wealthy, and everything else republican. You sold us our for victories, hollow ones, empty ones and meaningless ones.

And now you want to talk small even more, about negotiating and compromising with the Republicans to get small victories to help the economy and the people in small ways. Like we're going to think that's good? And then vote for you? We might, but where's the backbone to standup for us? Where's the balls to show what you believe in for us? Where's the voice to tell the Republicans you want them to move left now and you won't move right anymore?

We'd rather see a stallmate than you move more right. We'd rather see you refuse to give in to the republicans. We'd rather see you propose big measures to challenge Congress to help this country, the economy and the people. Or we'd rather find a president who will. We may not vote for a republican, but that doesn't mean we'll vote for you.

We can give you a no confidence vote by simply not voting for you. We can vote our conscience to express our opinion about you, and if the republican wins, well so be it, because we'll know you didn't win our vote. You didn't stand up for us. So we don't have to stand up for you. We don't have to choose between the lesser of evils, we can simply choose none of the above.

You should not forget that while the republicans won't budge, like you already know that from recent history, we don't have to budge either. We can simply wish you well but you're not our guy to be president because you haven't stood up for us so fare and you've shown you won't stand up for us in the future.

That's the deal. We want action, not words. We want results, not rhetoric. We want a stand up president, one who will stand up for America and Americans. On that we won't budge. Your move Mr. President. You have to move, your choice, but our vote.

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