Friday, September 2, 2011

Republicans Hate Americans

Republicans hate America and Americans. Really? Yes, really, or why else are they refusing to introduce bills to create jobs or support the President's or Democratic bills to create jobs? They want this country to fail and they want all Americans to fail. Well almost all, the except are the wealthy and the corporations. They hate everyone who's poor, middle class, elderly, disabled, and so on down the list of why we're not rich or like them.

They have yet to introduce any bill which creates jobs, and you can bet if they did both the President and the Democrats would support it. So where are the bills Mr. Boehner? You can introduce them anytime you want, and in fact promised them in the election campaign in 2010. It's been most of a year now, so where are the bills and where are the jobs you promised?

It's because you don't want to create jobs and you want to make this President, our President since he's the President of the United States, look bad. You want to trash this economy to make the recession worse and turn into a depression, just to get a republican elected president. That's your goal, as you and Senator McConnell said, make this president a one-term president.

That's the truth and you can't escape it. You hate this President. You hate Americans. And you hate America. You're unpatriotic. You're even un-American. It's that simple. You are what you call everyone else who disagrees with you. You are simply talking to a mirror. We see it. We know it. And we won't accept it.

And before you decide to prove me wrong, simply answer the question, where are the jobs bills? You keep talking about them, talking about cutting taxes, regulations and government, you say will create jobs. So where are those bills? I haven't seen or heard any introduced in the House. And you are the Speaker of the House, right? You are responsible for bills in the House.

So where are those bills? You argue against President Obama. You argue against Democrats. But you haven't done anything else. Just words. No actions or results. Why is that? Or are you afraid to be proven wrong that your bills don't create jobs. You said the Bush tax cuts create jobs. Where are those jobs?

It's been 10 years of these tax cuts for the wealthy which supposedly creates jobs. Where are the jobs Mr. Boehner? We're still waiting after 10 years now, and we haven't seen any. You haven't spoken of any. You have only shown the facts the tax cuts haven't created jobs. So where are those jobs?

Americans are tired of your obstinance, tired of your political bullshit disguised as rhetoric, and tired of your arrogance. We want you to do your job and you haven't. You are responsible to introduce bills to create jobs. And you simply haven't. Nothing but hot air. Nothing but bullshit and trash talk.

And while you go about your business playing golf and pandering to your wealthy friends and for the corporations paying your bills, we're suffering. We're out of work. We're losing homes. We're losing money, our life savings to stay afloat, and for many, just survive. You don't care. You've never cared and it's obvious.

So we now see what you think of our President, this country and us. All you do his hate. That's not what a good American does and it's not good for America. You being the Speaker of the House should know and do better. You should know it's about all of us, about the helping all of us, including the President.

And did I ask the question? Where's the jobs Mr. Boehner? You know the ones you promised? Or are those jobs to be created in 2013? More promises for what? Are you that blind and stupid we don't see it and you for the truth? Do you hate us that much you don't care to be honest? Or have you lost any sense of honesty and respect? It sure looks like it.

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