Thursday, September 15, 2011

Really Republicans?

Listening to House Speaker Boehner today, I have ask you, do you really think that cutting corprorate tax rates to its lowest in history, cutting taxes on the wealthy, cutting regulations, cutting government spending, cutting, cutting and more cutting is the answer to jobs? Really?

We had 8 years of Bush with all those tax cuts, and we lost jobs, millions over his 8-year administration. We had 8 years of Bush cutting regulations and we lost jobs. We had 8 years of increasing the cost and size of government, yes increase, and we still lost jobs. And now President Obama is at best adding jobs and at worst not losing them.

So what's the difference? President Bush increased the national debt more than any president and passed on a 2009 deficit which added even more (remember the first year of any new president is the previous president budget the new president can't change). And we're worried about Obama deficits?

Reagan and Bush increased the debt every year of their administrations. Presidents Carter and Clinton had near-balanced budgets and even suprpluses some years, the surpluses Reagan and Bush blew and ran a deficit spending increasing the national debt. And you think the Republicans are better at balancing budgets and creating jobs?

Really? Where's the proof? Not the rhetoric. Not the political hype. Not the lies told by politicians. None of that. Only proof. And where is the proof?

Think about it. Do the Republicans tell the truth? The ran the 2010 election campaigns on jobs. Speaker Boehner promised the first order of the House was jobs. Well, we're in the third quarter of his first year of tenure as speaker and there have been no jobs bills from the House. Not even one in the committees.

When Boehner said the was "job creating bills" was his top priority, Ok, where have you been? You only argued against the President and Democrat's bills. You haven't offered any bill of your own, any of the Republican majority, and any of anyone's in the House. None. Where are your bills Mr. Boehner?

Do you really want to elect the Republicans to run the House? Do you really want to elect a President like Perry, Romney, etal who keep saying the same thing as Boehner, only worse? Do you really want to gamble with your and our future on promises they can't specify beyond hype and rhetoric, or just criticism of President Obama?

Hell, anyone can promise anything in a campaign. Even Obama promised a lot he hasn't started let alone done. I'm mad at him. We didn't need a mamoth healthcare bill. We needed jobs. We needed to get out of our wars. We needed to balance the budget without hurting Americans.

In a recession that's almost impossible. Well, actually impossible now and for a few years. And actually impossible for years if the Republicans keep the House. Really? Have you heard any one them talk about specific bills to create jobs? Other than cutting everything?

Remember the Republicans have only one agenda, defeat President Obama. And they'll trash this economy to blame it on him. When President Obama sent his jobs bill to the Congress, what did Boehner say and do? He said it won't happen and the answer lies in cutting. Yeah, cutting.

Anything to keep from bringing it up even in committee. He'll let it die before he does anything, so he can argue it's Obama's fault. Like how when you won't help? Or do you really want to help the wealthy and corporations? Just your friends?

And that's American? That's Patriotic? That's good for the country, the people? We know the truth. We're not that stupid, and you can bet we'll be vocal. You can look good, sound important but we know you're a fraud, you're just a tan in a suit, you're nothing more than wind.

To everyone else, is this what you call government? Is this what you want more of after 2012? Is he who you want in charge of the House? Think about it. Think about it before you say you won't vote for Obama. I don't like Obama, but I don't like the republicans far more because they're not doing anything to help this country, the people and the President.

Think about what will work to create jobs and then think who will do that, and not who will do nothing but whine.

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