Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In God We Trust

The House of Representatives voted to reaffirm this is the national motto put on every coin and paper bill, "In God We Trust." Ok, I can buy that, except it's not why they were elected in 2010. Remember why they were elected? It's about jobs stupid, not taxes, money, morality, etc., just jobs. So am I ok with this bill?

Easy, God is God. Every faith, religion and belief has a God. Not their God. Just God. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism (mine) and so on down the list. All have God. Not one God specific to their religion, just God. God is God. Their God is the same Christian God. God is the God of all religions.

So the motto, "In God We Trust" is everyone's God. A God we all can put our trust and faith, spelled out on our currency, every coin and bill. Money for everyone. God for everyone. Our nation under God for everyone. Except of course athetists, agnostics, and other religion which has a different definition of God, but hey, everyone's God still loves them.

Thanks Representatives for reassuring us we of all faiths and religions put our trust in God. Not what we wanted or needed to have it reaffirmed (since it already is law) but we'll take it in good thought. Now can you get back to the business of jobs? Ok, one bill about jobs? You know to put that currency in the wages and pockets of people?

Isn't that what God would do? Isn't that what God put trust in us to do, to help others? How about it? Isn't that also God's work?

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