Saturday, October 29, 2011

Republicans Shut Up

Republicans would you please shut up. Well, wait, let me change that. Republican would you please shut the fuck up. You are the ones creating the class warfare with your rhetoric and with you obstinance to protect the top 1% depsite over 60% of them want to pay more taxes.

But then all of you are in the top 1%, so why aren't we surprised you continue to argue for yourself. In short, it's very simple.

Stop the class warfare you created and continue.

We, the 99%, didn't create this war. We didn't create the term. We're not continuting to use it. We're fighting for fairness this country was built on. We're fighting for justice for all the criminal corruption and fraud you committed. We're fighting for America and the American people.

We're the 99%. We have rights. We have a case. We have a voice. And we have freedoms to speak our case. You're the one who created this war, we're simply fighting it for all the 99%'ers.

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