Saturday, October 22, 2011

WTF Moments

Some real WTF thoughts.

First, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell railed at the President this week for "campaigning" than doing his job to help the unemployment problem in this county. He said it's time the President got back to work to give them something to consider. Really Mr. McConnell?

He delivered the Senate and you a jobs bill. He delivered the House and Speaker Mr. Boehner a jobs bill. Yes, a reall bill to create jobs, lots of jobs, about $450 billion worth of jobs. Is that what you asked from the President? Is that what you said he should do? Isn't that what you wanted?

Oh, I forgot, you already know this. You already know because you have a copy of the bill on your desk. You already know what you saying is a lie. A big, fat lie. And you call yourself what? I would call you a liar, but then that's what all politicians are and what all politicians do. But you already know that too.

It's all an act for the media and for your voting base. But for the rest of us, it's cow pasture material, you know the stuff you know what it look like, what it smells like and you try not to step in it. But then you reek of it. That's some we alreayd know, and why we don't believe you beyond the smell of your words.

Second, after the tragedy in Ohio over the wild animal sanctuary where the own of 56 animals let them go and then commited suicide. John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio, refused to renew a bill this last spring for the Department of National Resources (DNR) to regulate these farms and wild animal auctions.

And this is what happened. The DNR would have discovered the farm and extent of the animals he had on his farm, and they likely would have shut him down. So did the governor reinstate the rules and regulations? No. He signed an executive order to control animal cruelty.

Wait, the new order would create is a violation of regulation to be cruel to animals? And how would this law have effected this farm and the owner? Remember he commited suicide. You can't prosecute a dead person. Wait, the governor did this for show, not animals, but politics, to say, "See I did something." But the something is empty, nothing beyond fake good intentions.

Then there is Senator Rubio who embellished family history. After being caught in a lie he used to help his campaign as a child of exiled Cuban parents, except his parents left Cuba before Castro returned to Cuba and start the revolution. He told this story over and over, posted it on his Website and made it the story of his family.

And we're supposed to be forgiving? We're supposed to still think he's an honest man? Wait, he's a Senator, lying is automatic to them. I often wonder if they get shots when they take their oath which makes lie and makes them immune from knowing they're lying. Lying simply becomes the only thing they know.

Don't get me started on the presidential campaign, it's full of WTF moments and we still have another year to go. Can I not watch TV when anything campaign comes on? You almost can't get away from all this crap, but at least I don't have to smell it through the TV.

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