Saturday, October 1, 2011

Consider the Possibility

Consider all the terrorism and counter-terrorism experts, specialists and analyists have a vested interest to continue the "war on terrorism" and have a need to continue the government funding for their work. The size of the intelligence and counter-terrorism community, all of the government agencies, companies and organizations, has more than doubled in the last few years and several fold since 9/11.

In short, all of everything they're saying is more of selling us fear of an enemy who is small compared to us, a threat to every American everywhere, and the suspicion that all of us Americans are terrorists. All this is to keep all of us paying them to protect us from an imaginary enemy they keep secret from us, and keeps allowing them to consider us terrorist to conduct secret investigations without a supeona.

We are no more at risk from terrorist than from being hit by something falling from the sky. We're spending billions of dollars on a whole structure built on this imaginary threat. It's been inflated beyond reality to a fantasy. And unless we decide to come to that reality we won't change it.

We are far more at risk from criminals, bad drivers, illnesses and diseases, and natural events than from terrorists. And I don't see the government protecting us anymore than usual. So why such extraordinary measures and costs for terrorists? Because it's the government-industry complex President Eisenhower warned us about when he left office in 1960.

Consider when the US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was killed in a CIA drone attack in Yemen. Shortly after that the White House said all Americans should be warned that terrorists may attack Americans, especially overseas. They killed the cleric for his words, not his actions, and now all of us must pay the price of fear and imaginary threats.

It only leads me to believe the enemy aren't the terrorists, it's our own government. When will we get it back? Or will we realize they've won and our democratic republic is lost?

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