Saturday, October 1, 2011

National Geographic and TOPO

National Geographic (NG) produces a great map software application (TOPO!) with USGS 1:24,000 topographic maps. I've used it when it was made by the predecessor company. I had to buy a new version when I upgraded my Mac Pro to Snow Leopard when there was not available upgrade for the older software.

Now the NG has decided to "investigate the possibility of releasing an update" about an upgrade to Lion (OS-X 10.7), see the statement on their Website:

"Thank for your interest in National Geographic Maps. National Geographic TOPO! software is not currently compatible with Macintosh’s latest OS Lion 10.7 We are currently investigating the possibility of releasing an update to add capability for this new OS but nothing has been decided at this time. In the event that we are able to add compatibility an update will be posted on our upgrades page downloads. Please check this site in the future for a possible update."

Apple has had the developer version of OS-X 10.7 (Lion) out for over a year now and they're just starting to consider to work on an update, maybe? All the customers using or will use Lion for Mac laptop and desktop computers and they're just thinking? Each state of TOPO! cost about $70. That's a lot of customers out of a good product either as new or an upgrade.

That's not NG's standard and customer service. I would readily recommend this software before but since I'm upgrading to Lion soon, and it's the only software which isn't Lion compatible or an upgrade available, and being a necessary application for my work on the Google maps with my photo guide, I won't recommend it until they have a Lion compatible version.

I won't upgrade to Lion until NG has an upgrade or I find a equal or better application which is Lion compatible. Until then NG needs to get their customer service act together.

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