Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

Why is truth and honesty the first casualties of election campaigns? Yeah, it's rhetorical, but wouldn't it be nice if it weren't true?

If it's called Department of Defense, why is all of what they do offensive in nature? Why is it defense when we're attacking people in other nations?

Why are we spending more on the military than the rest of the world combined and not seeing them as one source of our bad economy draining the tax money away from domestic needs?

When we (US) will realize we're the world's worst enemy. The biggest asshole on the planet.

Why are those who created the class warfare the ones blaming the other side for calling it class warfare when we didn't?

Why are both parties in Congress owned by the corporations and not the people? Oh, yeah, right, money. They're rich and we're not. So why do we keeping voting for them?

Why do republican politicians keep saying 50% of us don't pay taxes when it's a fact everyone pays taxes. Taxes from local, city/county and state taxes to federal taxes for goods and services and for income. Why do we keep tolerating these people lying?

Why does the Senate majority leader Harry Reid keep allowing the Republicans to filibuster bills when a majority of the Senate wants to pass the bill?

He's had several opportunities to change the rule and he hasn't. He's had promises by the Republicans not to put holds on judicial appointments and filibuster certain types of bills and they've reniged every time, and quickly too. And he continues to let them do it.

Why do the democratic senators tolerate him as their leader?

He's not doing his job. He's not helping the party. He's not helping America and the American people. He's letting them run him over every time. As a leader he's a wimp and the democrats don't have the balls to replace him. So why should we vote for them?

Why can one Senator become the majority?

There is a rule which has allowed one, Senator Rand Paul, to block two years of work on the No Child Left Behind law by the Senate education committe to address the 74 amendments he has or wants to propose. There are 144 amendments to the new version but Senatore Paul wants his first, so he's stopped all work until they agree to his terms.

How can one company, Costco, run the state government out of the liquor business?

Easy, by contributing $22 Million, over 95% of the funding for state initiative I-1183. I oppose this initiative because it will expand liquor sales to a huge variety of retail outlets and put the enforcement burden on the state.

Why would anyone put their checking account on their iPhone?

There's an ad for in iPhone app showing people transferring money between their and a friend's checking account with a touch of the screen. Set the amount and to whom and the money is transferred. Someone can steal your iPhone, add their account, transfer all your money, delete the account and trash the phone.

All in a few minutes and nothing you could do can stop it. You're toast by your own app.

Why do we have two prototype and sports car series in the US, the American LeMans Series (ALMS) and Rolex Grand Am series?

The ALMS only has 8 races each year, including the world famous Sebring 12-hour race, but many of the teams race the equivalent European series which is more extensive and competitive. The Grand Am series has 12 races, including the famous 24-hour Daytona race. Each series uses different technical specifications for the cars where the prototypes aren't compatible but the sports cars are sufficiently similar for teams to run in each.

We used to have one series until 2000 when the Grand Am series split over the type of cars above the sports cars, meaning the "prototype" cars, the Grand Am series using common chassis "spec" cars (currently 4 companies) and manufacturer motors. The ALMS uses manufacturer designed and built chassis and motors (currently only a few European companies, Audi, Peugot, Aston Marin, etc.).

As a fan of European racing, I'd like to see the two combine into common classes for both to run together. I doubts that's possible but it sure would make it easier to know and watch.

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