Thursday, February 14, 2008

JMO - Real WTF moments

Ok, we know what "WTF" means, and it's used a lot more than really necessary, but these two really are these moments. And they are?

First, from NPR's story when "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice assured members of Congress on Wednesday that the Bush administration isn't going to limit the options of future presidents regarding U.S. policy in Iraq.", see the whole story. We're building the largest US Embassy in the world in Baghdad and we're building three permanent bases in Iraq. In addition, we're negotiating a longterm alliance agreement with the Iraqi government to assure we'll support them to at least 2018.

Ms. Rice is one of those real people that the joke applies. "How can you tell when someone is lying?", pause, "Their mouth moves." Every statement she has made can be parsed to reveal it's a twist of the truth and reality, and often avoiding an answer, turning it into something else. She is one of the best at it, but she's fired all her bullets and people have learned she lies everytime she talks.

Second, from NPR's story on war veterans. The Department of Defense and the Bush administration asks them to fight for their country and they treat them like shit when they come home. They get less than good care, often denying them care if they're reservists or National Guards because they're not "regular" personnel. And even regular veterans have had less than adequate care for mental health, often discharging them to avoid longterm care.

The government has not supported the Reservists and National Guards in returning to the jobs, supposedly guarranteed in law, but not prosecuted by the government. We promised them and then the government abandoned them. And now this, the reality that many are losing their children because they served our country and left their children with caring family or friends.

These are really WTF moments where I want to go see George and thump him on the forehead with a hammer. Hard. To dent his dulled mind and to get his attention to his intentional acts of stupidity to the veterans. I'm a veteran and I wasn't treated this badly by our government.

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