Friday, March 21, 2008

Leopard Nikon update

I reported on my update to Leopard update that the one software that wouldn't run under Leopard was Nikon's Scan 4.0. Nikon did release an update, Scan 4.0.2, which I installed but couldn't get to run under Leopard. Well, an inquiry with Nikon's technical support got an answer.

The answer is one many PC's users know all too well, uninstall the software and reinstall it, then install the update, before testing it. With Apple, you simply find all the folders and throw them in the trash, which I did, except remember it's the full package with the libraries, etc. But Nikon had me first empty the trash and reboot the computer.

Welll, that literally removes it completely from your computer, and you either better have the original CD or know where it's on Nikon's Website, which I did find with a search - their Website isn't user friendly or easy to navigate. I reinstalled the original Scan 4.0, then installed the update 4.0.2, and then tested it with some slides. It works fine now.

I also updated my Silverfast software for my Epson V750 scanner which wasn't compatible with Leopard. The Epson software works but Epson gives you Silverfast software too, and it's a small charge to update or upgrade your version. Silverfast makes their software specific to each brand/model of scanner, so I have a choice now.

So, my Nikon Coolscan 5000ED is back in business. And thanks to Nikon. But it still doesn't change my view of them much beyond having some decent customer support occasionally. I'm not really knocking them, they make great products, and they're not alone in having badly designed Websites, Canon's isn't much better.

Oh, and yes, I updated my printer drivers. Both the HP 2605dn and Epson R2400 printers had updates for Leopard. So, it seems I'm done for awhile and back to normal. Now it's a matter of getting used to the new system, which isn't all that different but it's the small things that catch you off balance, "Now where did they put that utility..."


  1. Maybe this is interesting for you or all Nikon users...

    SilverFast 6.6 supports all Nikon Film Scanners now under Mac OS Leopard.

    Today LaserSoft Imaging has released SilverFast 6.6, a Leopard compatible version for Nikon film scanners

  2. Thanks for the information and link. While I like Silverfast software, I still have a problem with their marketing scheme, as I discovered when I went to update and/or upgrade their software for Leopard. I could get one scanner for the upgrade cost, but not both. I had to buy a new separate version for the Nikon scanner, at a slightly reduced cost than full retail, but not for the upgrade cost of the Epson. And considering their prices, it's a stand in line priority to me.