Friday, September 12, 2008

JMO - Can we have some...

Can we have some sanity, reality, truth and honesty in this election? Or am I asking the stupid rhetorical question?

Yeah, I know it's not possible, but I can ask, or really want to hope?

We have a lot more to talk about in the choice for president of this country than the stupid, nit-picky stories, ads and rhetoric I've heard to date. Who really cares about lipstick on a pig? And why did the RNC misplay it as an attack on Sarah Palin when it wasn't? And why did the press drive this story into the ground?

We should be focusing on the issues. Not slogans which have no basis in reality nor any hope of anything beyond inciting people's anger towards the other candidate. In the 2000 campaign I like John McCain, his honesty, integrity, and sense of values about the issues. And now in 2008 he using some of the same people and the same tactics against Obama which Bush used against him then.

And what's with Palin who can't keep a story straight? Or keep the lines clear? On one hand she says her family is off-limits to the press and public, which includes her 17-year old pregnant daughter and baby with downs syndrome, but then touts her son going off to Iraq to serve.

That's a handy double standard, and totally unfair. You opened the door and let the press and public in, so if one member of your family is useable to the campaign, then the rest are too, and all questions are fair. So answer them, or stop being a hypocrite.

Ok, enough said. I want to see some honest, informative discussion between the candidates, talking about the issues. And yes, the complexity of reality and life today. No campaign slogans or soundbites, but in depth explanation of their views. Not absolute things we all know is impossible and won't get through Congress, but understanding and knowledge to make decisions.

I don't wan to hear about your religion and God, I want to hear how you will respect eveyrone else's and how you will keep your religion out of my government.

I don't want to hear about values, I want to hear how you will protect the values of every American to ensure we all have equal rights and liberties.

I don't want to hear about terrorism, I want to hear how you will protect our human and civil rights guarranteed by the Constitution. No hedging your bets about sacrifice, but clear answers why you want to abandon our 200+ year old standard.

I don't want to hear sound bites about immigration, I want to hear you explain the whole picture with all its facets and aspects to the American people so we understand simple answers won't work and have consequences.

I want to hear all of you be Bill Bradley and show you know and understand the issues and you care about every American and this country. It's not about degrees of patriotism, we're all patriots, it's the matter of tolerance and acceptance that counts.

And so, can I have some of this?

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