Wednesday, May 20, 2009

JMO - Seventh Avenue L

The poet ee cummings wrote a poem about war and about the US steel companies selling raw metal, especially steel, to Japan in the 1930's, where it's said that our soldiers in World War II were being killed by pieces of the Seventh Avenue L (elevated train). We sold our enemies the materials which comes back to kill and injure us. The businesses, in the name of profit, sold out the soldiers.

And ever since then, the US is the world's largest weapons and arms exporter, not just to out allies, but to any nation we can overthrow and install our own appointed or approved government leaders, or any nation willing to be a friend to the US in our global geopolitics. We'll provide the money and more importantly we'll provids the weapons and arms, the military trainers and the intelligence.

We're the place to get anything for war. We have routinely supported dictators in the oppression and often torture of their people and fighting any group who threatens our favored government. This includes the Shah of Iran, Saddham Hussein, General Pinchot, etal, and even the Taliban. Yes, we funded and supplied arms to the Taliban in their war with the then Soviet occupation.

The Government Accountability Office has long reported that millions of dollars are missing or unaccounted for in paying Iraqis. They've reported well over 100,000 rifles and small arms and millions of rounds of ammuntion are unaccounted for in supplying the Iraqi Army with weapons. We supplied the Sunnis in Operation Awakening, the very people we fought just months before.

And now it's reported thousands of arms and much more rounds are now in the hands of the Taliban, by way of our support of the Afghan Army and the Tribal leaders. And who knows how many US weapons and ammunition are being sold by black market resellers. Our own weapons just moved through nations to marketers to the Iraqis, and now the Afghans and Taliban.

We're being fought with our own products. Our own cars, and other metals recycled and our own companies producing weapons, arms and ammunition. Kinda' makes "Made in the USA" take on a different meaning? And I wonder if we'll ever learn or is the profit and geopolitics more important than American lives, especially our soldiers?

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