Friday, July 10, 2009

JMO - Anti-abortionists

I read Amy Goodman column today about two standards of justice, and I can't find any argument against what she writes, and I'll even go one step farther in my own view. The anti-abortionists she writes about, those advocating violence against family planning centers and especially those killing employees and physicians at family planning centers, are terrorists. Pure and simple terrorists.

While the conservative and religious right calls Muslim terrorists Islamic extremists, the don't use the one description that also fits them, religious extremists. So why don't we call anti-abortionists Christian extremists? They advocate the same thing, the killing of innocent people and the suppression of the rights of others in the name of their faith and their values. It's the same thing, killing and discrimination.

Yet, in our country, Muslims are considered the enemy and Christians are our friend. So, it's not just discrimination and hipocrisy at it's worst, it's simply evil. No religion's God advocates the killing of innocent people. While we condemn Muslims who advocate or kill people for crimes against their faith, we reward and award those who kill in the name their Christian God. They kill to protect something they believe and say is key to their faith. And that is?

Life. Christian terrorists advocate the value of life, except it's not a human life they're talkinga about, but the life of a fetus, or even less, an embryo, like they're the same as a person. They'll advocate the suppression and oppression of women's rights to decide for themselves about their bodies, and even outlaw medical practices and proceedures available to help women. And they'll go farther, to advocate the killing of the life of the professionals helping women.

That's terrorism at its worst, pure and simple hate without understanding or compassion for the people and for women. Amy Goodman's column clearly shows the extremes we'll go to in distinguishing between their terrorism and our terrorism. But there's no difference, taking lives doesn't change the reality of death. You can't condemn one without the condemng the other. But they don't. They distinguish as their religion, as they interpret it, dictates.

Would Jesus advocate killing a physician who helps women? Would Jesus advocate killing everyone associated with care centers which provide help to women? Would Jesus advocate inciting violence and killing of innocent people helping women? Would Jesus advocate terrorism in all its expressions and behaviors?

If anything, the examples in Amy Goodman's column demonstrates the hipocrisy in the American legal system and any sense of justice. It's not blind and it's not free of religious bias. American, like the anti-abortion terrorists, have hijacked the system in the name of their faith and values, against those who disagree with them on women's rights and those who follow a different faith. And we're all allowing it.

No one is immune from the legal system, it's ours, and we're equally to blame for accepting the bias and discrimination in the name of faith and in the face of Christian terrorists. They're the enemy of justice and American values. And we're giving them their day in public and court while imprisoning innocent Muslims without access to family, legal counsel, and everything else we're all, especially them, entitled to under the law.

But because they're Muslim and considered a threat, which hasn't been proven, we'll deny them everything, and then give every rights to a man who openly killed a physician simply because he disagreed with the killer's values. It really is that simple, boiled to the basics of it. Muslims are presumed guilty by religion while a Christian hailed a hero. The Muslim hasn't done anything illegal and the Christian commited murder, openly and wantonly.

America and Americans need to look in the mirror and think about what we call justice. It's not religious or bias for or against any religion, it's in the Constitution. Yet we openly practice it. Maybe it's time to look deeper, into our mind to really see the darkness this prevades our soul. And then look at where fairness and equal rights under the law was lost and needs to be regained, for all Americans, not just the Christians and their terrorists.

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