Saturday, May 1, 2010

JMO - Makes me wonder

I swear, listening to the pundits and even members of Congress, it makes me wonder if they ever think before talking, let alone think. Yeah, it's the old adage they like to hear themselves talk, and really don't care if anyone really listens, let alone care, about what they're saying.

But there are quotes that clearly show the light is on but no one is (mentally) home. Like?

This one from a prominent public person in support of the new Arizona Immigration law, "Did you know that all Islamic terrorists are Muslims?" Really, he said that. And worse he was talking about racial profiling, forgetting Islam isn't a race or ethnic identity but a religion, like Christianity, Buddhism, Juddaism, Taoism, etc. And there are people at home going, "Yeah, right!!" with a raised glass of beer.

This one is really an Aflac Duck "Huh?" moment. The best thing you can do is shake your head and walk away, fast. Except this guy is a member of Congress no less. Some voters elected him on his statements. Fuck the truth anymore, just espouse what you want the truth and reality to be and they'll believe you, enough to vote for you.

It wouldn't have been any different if he had said, "All Catholic and Protestant terrorists in Ireland are Christians." It's an obvious, meaningless, redundant statement. How outraged would Christians be if he had said that? Or would they see the stupidity of the statement and the idiocy of the person who said it?

Or would they be expected to be understanding and forgiving because it was just political rhetoric and he really didn't mean it? But in this case, you could tell from this expression and the tune and tone of his words that he not only believed it but wants to use it to disriminate against the vast majority of Islamic people of all races and ethnicity.

While we advocate and protect the freedom of speech in this country, the responsibility is on the individual to ensure their speech aren't word of hate or incite violence. We are responsible for our own words, for their truth and reality. We are responsible for the consequences of our words.

That's the cost and price of free speech. The words of this public person are irresponsible, and should be challenged not just on the face of them, but the intent and spirit of them. It may be free to him, but not to those who have to live with them when people take them to heart against them.

That's not what America is about, and not what we value as Americans.

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