Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama the Republican

Yes, folks, today we learned President Obama is really a Republican. A true, blue, diehard Republican. In Democrats clothes and disguise on issues. He sucked all of us into believing he was a Democrat, but lo and behold he's not. He's in the pocket of the energy companies, namely the oil companies - remember they're getting more leases on off-shore explorations when they're not actually using the leases they have.

He's in the pocket of the financial investment firms and the banks. He's in the pocket of the defense and intelligence contractors. He's in the pocket of the health insurance companies - remember he jettisoned the public option just days into the negotiations for the Affordable Healthcare Act. And so down the line except he's not in the pocket of one group.

He's not in the pocket of the people, those who voted from him, trusted him, and expected him to do the right thing for them. We can't pay his political and lobbying bills he charges to represent them. We're just voters and we can't pay his price. But all the others can through all the political and lobbying interests.

Obama the Republican. Get used to it. We can't trust him anymore when he stands at the podium. Not anymore. And now I will not vote for him in 2012. I won't vote for any Republican, including him. I want a real Democrat. Not one who isn't.

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