Thursday, February 20, 2014


Scientists announced today they discovered the perfect instrument to cure anyone of any illness, disease, condition or disability they have, instantly and permanent. The announcement of this discovery is actually an old discovery which has been around for hundreds of years and only recently discovered as a cure-all where the person only needs one treatment and it can be administered by anyone.

It's called a handgun. Available at your nearest outdoor sporting goods store, gun shops, gun fairs, and even on-line with overnight delivery available. Easy to read instructions come with each instrument along with the option to buy easy to load ammunition, or are available on the companies' Websites, and even from the NRA who will offer courses on the easiest and fastest methods to cure someone of their life threatening conditions.

It only goes to show you that you don't need medical professionals to cure you of any health issue or problem, anyone, even a teenager, can do it, except of course, as sometimes happens, the user wasn't fully trained or experienced to thoroughly cure you with the first treatment and leave you worse than before.

Remember users are not liable for any damage they cause by their instruments because the Second Amendment ensures their right to own and use it and absolves them of any responsible incurred from it's use. And a federal law shield the instrument manufacturer from any responsiblity and product liability.

In addition, recently enacted laws gives the user the freedom from being criminally convicted of a crime if the person can claim the other person, the one at the reception end of the instrument, was a threat and you had to protect yourself. The simple case of self-defense in the guise of the stand your ground law.

Scientists suggested that the sheer numbers of these instruments that will make the use of them more prevalent in our society, especially in light of the pro-instrument organizations like the NRA which promotes the false arguments of the reasons to have one and the right to use one.

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