Monday, November 9, 2015


Dr. Ben Carson, the current candidate in the republican primary (no elections yet) according to the polls, and he is complaining - I'd say whining but all candidates whine about the media - about the media fact-checking his life story which he has written about in several books.

Well, Dr. Carson, there are good reasons your whining is misplaced, and is just what it is, whining.

First, you're the front runner and that attracts more attention and scrutiny from the media. That's a given in political campaigns.

Second, you have made character and your life story the reason you should be elected president, less the issues which you say very little, but yourself as shown by your life.

And that's where things are going wrong for you because you have not just exaggerated your life but you in fact lied about the events, if not actually made up some events. That's worth verifying your facts and asking you about them when they aren't true.

Third, you have made faith and prayer issues in your campaign, and if anything faith teaches someone is honesty and humility, and you, when the truth is told, are not an example of either. You lied in your books and you lie on the campaign, and now you're whining gettting caught.

You have said it's time for the media to move on about your life, all the while you continue to promote yourself and your life story on the campaign. You can't have it both ways, you can't use your life and they forbid others questioning your telling of your life.

What we are seeing is that your life story isn't what you have written, but your exaggeration or maybe even your imagination of it. Granted you're an exemplary individual without the fabrication, but that only shows you envision yourself more than the reality of your accomplishments.

And for all that, the media is correct in examining your life and reporting the truth behind what you say, especially if the truth proves you exaggerated if not imagined parts of and events in it. You can't hide from it, and blaming the media doesn't show character but cowardice about facing the facts.

And for that you deserve all the scrutiny the media does about you.

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