Friday, May 4, 2007

My Camera bags have feet

Ok, feet? Well, it's a personification of my camera system. You see, ever since childhood I have personified inanimate objects. We all do this to some degree, put personal and sometimes human value in the things in our life. It's a part of my perspective of life. It's not an obsession, and it puts the humor in life. Kinda' like the Gary Larsen view of life. And I give it to my camera bags.

I have three camera bags ready to go. One is an 20+ year old Domke F-3 bag with my Minolta 35mm manual focus system going back to 1969. I generally have two sets of cameras and lenses, one for street photography using XD-11's and 5 lenses, and one for general photography with X-700's, MD-1's and four lenses. I swap them for the situation. One is a new Domke F-3 bag with my Canon digital and film cameras with four lenses. And one with my Horseman 4x5 camera system with two lenses.

And my point? Well, I always imagined they have feet. You know the small ones like the robots in the 1970's SciFi movie "Silent Running". There were short, squat, boxy robots with short waddlely legs, like penguins. My camera bags have these, or at least it seems that way some days when I wake up to find them by the door, quietly sitting there waiting, to say, "Ok, when you get ready, we're ready." Ok, I moved them there the night before, but hey, if you can find something funny with life early in the morning, I don't know.

And then there are the rainy days. They sneak over to the door to the deck, take a few breaths, turn and look at me sadly, saying, "Well, we do live in the Northwest and it is .... (enter any season or month)." And they slowly waddle to the office to sit for another day. But the one that sits on the chair keeps peaking out the window to check the weather or if I plan to just live with the rain and go out anyway. When if I do decide to go, they'll just slowly move to the door and be ready, just in case I change my mind and don't want to go, to say, "You were thinking?"

So, my camera bags have feet and a lives of their own at times, or so it seems sometimes. And I won't get into the backpack and hiking gear..., yet anyway.

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