Monday, May 21, 2007

NPR - Personal Histograms

I wrote about histograms in photography. I'd like to explore our own personal histograms, both color and black and white. And I'm sure some of you are really going, "Huh? Why could anyone think of a person as a histogram?" Yes? No? It's not a poll, but just an thinking out loud observation. We run the gamut of emotions, feelings, and thoughts, so why not translate it to one of two, or both, histograms?

There are two histograms in photography, and actually more if you want to break color down into it's red, green, blue (RGB) components, or even it's complimentary colors of cyan, mageneta, yellow and black (CMYK), but I'll focus on the composite color, often called the "master" historgram. In addition there is a black and white histogram which breaks the image into the grayscale from black to white.

And these are the interesting part of personal histograms, we vary in our lifes just as a camera continuously captures images and produce individual color and grayscale histograms. Remember those colored buttons people suggested we wear to show other people we encounter how we're feeling that day? Why not extend that to the gamut of color and gray? It would expand how we are feeling with the full array of grayscale and the full spectrum of color.

We would wear little lapel histograms for the day. The day new age and new technology meet?

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