Friday, July 13, 2007

NPR - Never argue with

I know it's not fair to the gentlemen in the photo, but it represents a point I want to make. And that is?

Never argue with someone who starts their argument about the facts with the statement, "I believe..." This means they don't really know, but they think they know, and they'll argue their opinion and view of things as facts than actually wanting to listen to reason or even recognize their view isn't factual or even reality. They simply want to make it clear they think they know and the rest of the arugment is moot.

And why such an opinion on my side? Well, I, like most of us, subscribe or belong to numerous forums on a variety of subjects, such as Yahoo groups and other on-line forums. Mine range through the interests in my life, from photography to life. Well, on one I got into an argument (using the debate definition of open discussion) with someone who kept citing her view and saying it was hers as she knew things.

Well, she didn't, she was only expressing her view of things, but you couldn't get the idea across to her that her "facts" weren't facts, simply an opinion. She kept saying, "I believe...(this or that)...", and it was obvious it was just that, a belief. After numerous rounds of asking questions and presenting divergent views, occasionally with studies and facts, she kept going back to her statement. And that was that.

Well, I hate people who do that. I like open, honest, challenging (especially my view ) and often funny discussions. It's the lifeblood of friendship in one way. But it requires your mind to be open. I hate closed minds, even my own at times - but I recognize it as that, just mine and I won't press it on others. I hate people who say they like discussion then don't discuss, but simply state their view of things. That's not worth anything but to finish the beer and go home.

And so, I keep having to remind myself to stop beating myself trying to open closed minds. I really hate it when it's a real discussion about something when the obvious is sitting on the table and people just look over it to their own agenda and view of life and the world. To me it's a, "Now what don't you understand about the facts and truth sitting on the table?"

So, don't waste your time trying to argue with these people. Trust me, I believe I'm right. Yeah, right.

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