Saturday, July 21, 2007

Updated Events gallery

I updated my photo gallery of events and places, with new galleries for the Out in Tacoma festival and the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge Dedication Ceremony on successive weekend days. In short, a lot of walking, waiting and photographs. I'm not a real professional where I take a lot of images (~600 for these two events), I mostly focus on the small and incidental scenes that are often overlooked by photojournalist and professionals.

The photo above was taken at the Out in Tacoma event walking around before everything started and for an hour or so after the stage presentations and shows started. The people are really cool, especially the young people. My hats off to them for being people, something us older folks forget. It's about being human and a human being. It's that simple, not just tolerance, but acceptance and understanding of the diversity of people.

The photo below is of the first automobile at the dedication of the second Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The first one, Galloping Gertie, fell into the Narrows Strait shortly after its completion. They used the same towers and cables, but they had to rebuild the deck to tolerate wind storms which caused the demise of the first deck. The new (third) bridge is an engineering marvel, but, although accepted by the commuters, isn't really loved for a number of reasons (see Web page). But it's a reality and part of our daily travels, albeit at $1.75 a pop for us with transponders and $3.00 for others.

They had the first car at the first bridge's dedication too, but I missed a photo of that one with all the people in the way. And people wondered how these cars were saved over 60 years later. Well, it seems someone back then working for the Department of Transportation bought both of them and put them in storage for this time, when they were refurbished and brought out for the dedication. And we think a few years into the future?

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