Monday, October 8, 2007

JMO - Children aren't political fodder

What don't the Republicans understand that children aren't political fodder? What don't they understand about supporting the families in this country? We're spending $2 Billion per month in Iraq and Afghanistan, and $Billions more for the Department of Defense, so the difference in the State Children Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is pennies in comparison. Almost every governor, including republican ones, want the program with the funding. They're getting swamped and overwhelmed with costs - unfunded mandates - Congress has been pushing to the states under Bush's "conservative" spending philosophy.

But it's not working. We're far deeper in debt since 2000, and will spend almost $1 Trillion on the wars in Iraq and Aghanistan. We're spending far to much on our military, more than many of the next nations in the world combined. And the spending for non-discretionary programs is less than 10% of the total federal budget. And the war funding is the very deficit spending Republican approved when they controlled Congress under Bush while touting fiscal conservatism.

I am tired of the Republicans touting the money for homeland security and fighting terrorism, much of which can't be found or found to have done what we paid - remember the taxpayers are footing the bill for all these programs. And it's clear to me the Republicans, and especially those in the Bush Administration, are treating citizens, us the very voters and taxpayers, as suspected terrorists. Really? To whom is all this TSA and airport security focused at if not citizens? How many "terrorists" have been captured and convicted with all these programs? At what price?

And children? While they're used in many countries for a variety of purposes not appropriate for children, it's not appropriate here in the U.S., and it's clear to me we're underfunding the very future of this country by denying and/or reducing fund for programs for children, such as health, fitness, education, college, jobs, savings, and on and on. That's where our money should go, not paying to them to be soldiers, many of whom are coming home permanent disabled or in coffins, for political ideology in foreign countries.

So what don't the Republicans understand? Or do you really care about Americans? Or is the truth that they only really care about their own wealth and their political friends?

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