Friday, October 12, 2007

JMO - I love being proven wrong

This will be a short blog, and please understand it's partly said tongue-in-cheek and with a smile. It's the reality of being human and being a human being. As the saying goes, "I may not always be right but I'm never wrong." In reality I think out loud, and occasionally, sometimes more, think beyond my knowledge, understanding or experience, and as such, like everyone, not always right.

And sometimes as I think out loud, I know I am probaby far more wrong than right. So, it means if you challenge me with a smile and ask, "Is that really right?", or say, "The information I have doesn't say or prove that.", I'll listen and learn. And that's often my goal, to stretch my world beyond what I know, which requires others to say so.

And that's my point. I like conversations at taverns with pitchers of microbrew and good food. It's that tone and tune many of these essays are written. So, if you're angry, slow down and take a deep breath. Relax, it's just conversation. If you're offended, explain and I'll respond. Remember it's just my view and opinion. If you're hurt, I'm sorry, and if you explain, I'll apologize. None of my thoughts or commnents are meant to hurt anyone.

So, if I'm wrong - didn't I say I'm never wrong, just not always right? - raise your glass, smile and with a wink, say, "Yeah, right."

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