Saturday, January 19, 2008

JMO - Dear George and Congress

Dear Mr. President and Congress,

I've been reading about and listening to the discussion about a tax rebate, and how each of you, and especially the Candidates, want to infuse some cash into the economy to spur growth and avoid a recession. And I've listened to the economist, who seem to have a almost totally different view of the situation than you folks. So my question is, why aren't you listening to the economist than your own polticial rhetoric?

Do you really know we're heading into a recession, or is this really a political ploy or toy to us voters? Ok, that's a rhetorical question. I know the answer. I want you to admit the answer. It is pure and simple political bullshit. But you're willing to increase the national debt for a short term gain of votes and approval. Gee, somehow your words don't make me feel warm and fuzzy.

So, if you want to give me money from the taxes I've already paid or from some future debt we'll have to pay, or the younger generation pay, so be it. And to answer your question, will I spend it to spur the economy? No. Pure and simple no. I will park it in the bank and save it. In part because I could use it better there than some thing I buy that is short-lived, like my future.

Remember you're bankrupting this country with your enormous war and national debt. I'm like the real people of this country who has to pay our bills, not like you who can simply keep writing free checks like a rich kid in college with no thoughts of the future. All on the backs of the young. I'm sorry, you are the worst example of wise spending and investment.

And so you have my answer. I realize it's not what you want me to do with the money, but I'm not you, and happy not to be you. But I sure wish you'd start listening to the experts and real people instead of reacting in some stupid, kneejerk way. So, send me the check or refund me in my taxes, I don't care, I'll gladly deposit in the bank where it earns interest.


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