Thursday, January 10, 2008

A woman's smile

I'm not a good portrait photographer. I don't have the innate interpersonal rapport with people to make them conformtable enought to photograph. I'm uncomfortable around people, so photographing them makes me more uncomfortable. But I love portraits of people, but especially women when they smile.

I'm better photographing people at some distance, probably because it's my comfort distance and space, and maybe a fear of invading their privacy. And while I love viewing professional portraits, I love the informal or casual image more, such as this one by Doug Berryhill.

The simply joy of a woman's smile. And you can find many more photographs of them at's photographer's gallery. It seems there is almost a clear distinction with many where they do the studio portraits or the street portraits, rarely overlapping, and I wonder if it's a choice or talent, the ability to control or the talent to capture without it.

For example compare this one of a beautiful model and Gypsy. Totally different and both terrific to make you look for awhile wondering. And even in a studio setting, you can capture the essence of her smile or herself. As they say, a smile goes a long way, but a photograph can capture the whole and present the beauty of it.

In the end, I enjoy viewing photographs of women's faces, and especially with the whole facial expression of a woman's smile. You could ask for more in life, but this is hard to beat to lift the spirit and cheer the soul. And while I'll struggle trying to do this, I'll admire those who can and the women who smile at the world and life.

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