Thursday, July 17, 2008

JMO - Fair Hiring

I read that the Bush Administration is proposing changes for family planning funds through the Department of Health and Human Services by prohibiting any organization, institution or university which receives federal funds to refuse to hire anyone based on their religious values, even if those values go against the interests and work of that entity.

While Bush Administration has issued regulations and help pass laws granting religious organizations exemptions to anti-discrimination laws and allow them to refuse to hire people who don't believe in and abide by the views and values of the religion, which is discrimination, they're prohibiting the opposite, non-religious organizations, institutions and universities from refusing to hire religious zealots.

They're doing this under the guise of equal opportunity and to avoid discrimination in hiring practices. It's a sham. They can't espouse this rhetoric in the name of fairness and then not only allow but promote discrimination by churches and religious organizations, institutions and universities. They have had an overt and covert plan against women and LGBT people, and this is just another example to fill regulations with bias in their waning months of office.

This administration has disregared the separation of church and state to embed religion into government and all it's decisions and actions, and promoting religious views and values in many national and international programs, some in defiance of local cultural values in foreign countries. They've forgotten the world isn't Christian and to respect the people who live there, something we expect in return.

On top of that, the Bush Administration is expanding the definition of "abortion" to be nearly all-inclusive of any means or methods of good family planning, like birth control, emergency contracptives - such as cases of rape or incest, and women's health care proeedures, some of which contradict state laws governing those same entities. This on top of the exising prohibition on providing information and advice to women on the full range of choices about their reproductive health.

I don't know what world the Bush Administration folks live in, but it's not the United States of all of us, not even their own neightborhood. Do they really believe everyone will follows the practice of abstinence and be good mothers and fathers? There's not a place on this planet like that. And try as they want, they can't change the reality of the world we all live in.

They've already expressed and pushed their arrogant Christian view and values throughout our government through their political decisions and actions, and now they're pushing into non-religious organizations, institutions and universities. Is this what women want and what is right for America? Not in my book.

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