Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Thanks

The Pierre and Alexandra Boulat Association in association with VII Photo has establish a grant for "the photographer to produce a story that must be told but that the photographer cannot find support for from within the Media." You can get complete details from their Web page (warning Web page moves and resizes the browser window). You can get more information about Alexandra Boulat.

While I've said my peace and piece about Alexandra Boulat and war photographers I would be totally remiss if I didn't emphasize it again. We're losing more and more conflict and war photographers and photojournalist when they're becoming targets of both sides in wars. No nation's military is immune from this guilt and shame.

When telling the truth, it isn't the governments in a conflict who are telling the truth, it's the photographers and photojournalists with their images and from their experience. And it's not cofined to conflicts and wars but includes natural disaster, human disasters (eg. Dafar), and simply human existence that photographers and photojournalists are considered the enemies and targets.

My point? When you see the images, be thankful for the photographer and photojournalist. Many have given their life and many more risk their life to be there and capture the images you see, along with thousands you will never see. And while I won't criticize the publicity about the loss of Tim Russert to the world, I will criticize the media for not publicizing the loss of their own photographers and photojournalists.

We salute the famous and forget the rest? When was the last time you heard about a conflict or war photographer? Do you look at the names behind the images you see and the ones which move you or you like? Did you look at their work? You might try it sometime. Become amazed at the world and the photographers who show it to you.

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