Friday, August 1, 2008

JMO - It's always the money

No matter what or who someone wears their religion, politics, ethics or morality on the sleeve in public, in their pockets, you'll always find the money. While people may do things for noble causes, at the end of the day, when the sun is setting and their work has been done, they still reach into their pocket to count the change. And see what they can buy tomorrow, someone or something.

Case in point, Senator Ted Stevens. He did all those "favors" for friends because he thought they were doing the right thing for Alaska, and so if he could help them, so be it. But then he wanted his house remodelled in return and he didn't have the money, or so he thought, to do the work, so he traded, a favor for them in return for a favor for him. And it's measured in money they got and the value of the work he got.

Simply put, he misused and probably, in my view, abused his office and power for money. All the rest were the icing on the cake, he got money in terms of his house and cars he didn't want to spend the money on, so, figuratively, he put money in one pocket and then moved it to the other one, except it wasn't real money in his eyes, just friends doing favors for each other. Except as a Senator, favors count as money. It's the law, plain and simple.

He deserves to be prosecuted, and if guilty, go to prison. We expect more from our Senators, except we know we can't and they're likely the most corrupt people on the planet, or at least in this country. Ethics and morales aside, they're generally good people, with the heart in the right place and cares expressed openly for their causes and issues, but when it comes to the business of the Senate, the vote for money, this or that, here or there, when or not, and how, but always money.

And it's always about a little of it in their pocket. You see they're afraid of being like us, being less than rich and struggling every day about money, not enough to live or for some survive. They afraid of being common, so they're always looking for the extra change to put and keep in their pocket, often at our expense because they live and work on our money, the taxpayers' money.

They live with the fear to overcome their fear of not having enough money. They can argue all they want it's about the work for the people, the country, and on and on. It's pure political rhetoric, because if someone held out their hand with money in it, they take it and put it in their pocket, forgetting it's wrapped in an IOU, a favor for a friend. They know it but turn a blind eye to the reality it's not wrong, but it's doing good.

Too much? Why then don't we have more campaign laws controlling money? Why don't we have more restrictions on lobbying members of Congress? Why is the Bush Administration considered the most financially and politically corrupt presidency in history? And why are all the indictments against politicians about money?

That's because politics, power, control, ethics, morality, etc. all boil down to money. It's what's left after you take away all the words about it, the money lining their pockets. All because they're afraid of being like us. Money drives a lot of people, in fact all of us. Even those we don't think do, like communes, which still need money to survive, and transients, who live off donations to survive.

Money is the obvious, "Duh." that makes life work, but it's the excess but mostly the fear, of it that drives people for more than they need, to always be in want of more. It's the fear these people have they'll put their hand in their pocket and find it empty.

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