Saturday, August 2, 2008

JMO - Walmart

I don't hide my dislike for Walmart, even bordering on hate. It's the most un-American company that has ever existed. It's that simple to me. And yes, I've been to their stores, once this year because the band The Eagles only sold their CD through Walmart and their Website. But that's it that I can remember.

If I want something cheap I'll go to Fred Meyer, a regional discount store chain, but I haven't been in one of those stores in just as many years. I dislike them too because I was hired by them and then quit just as fast in 1976. I didn't like they wouldn't let me work and go to graduate school at the same time and I wasn't in Bellingham for working at Fred Meyer.

But that's wandering. The rant is about Walmart wealth in buying politicians in their effort to elect republicans. It's over the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). They bordering on election violations by using their store managers to press employees to vote republican, telling them their jobs will be at risk if Democrats get elected. They're lying to their employees about the truth to get their political agenda through Congress.

But the irony is that Walmart is now splitting their political contributiions equally between republicans and democrats. In short their rich enough to buy Congress and they're doing just that, ensuring they can pressure democrats to their agenda against workers and all Americans. They almost as bad as the Bush administration, except Walmart has more money.

Walmart obviously, to me anyway, doesn't care about employees. They've lost many lawsuits over employment violations and cases with the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) for violating employee rights and federal laws. But it doesn't seem to stop these folks from pushing their corporate and political agenda at the expense of their own workers and with customers money.

Yes, the money you give them goes for an agenda against you. Is that what you want and believe? Simply because they're cheap? They're globalizing everything and if you look at the stuff you buy, most of it is made in China and the rest made outside the US. The amount of products they sell made in the US is nearly zero. Is that American?

And now they using their profits from you to push an extreme agenda forcing working wages down and living standards lower. They're not improving living standards but causing the decline of America's standards because we're losing the value of the American worker, both their employees and the rest of us.

And now they're focused on republicans but especially the EFCA. So, what is better, the right of American workers to decide for themselves or the power of ownership and management to refuse you that right? Is that American?

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