Sunday, October 12, 2008

eBlogger and Picasa

This weekend I decided to use Google's Picasa image server, copying, or so I was lead to believe by Google's Web pages, all the images from my three eBlogger blogs to Picasa, and then editing the Picasa galleries for copyrighted ones (not mine), duplicates and obvious useless ones, only meant for the individual blog post. But then I discovered Google links their eBlogger and Picasa image servers, so removing one from either removes it from both.

This is really dumb and stupid.

I mean really. What programmer decided this? Why couldn't they make the server independent for links to images, so they don't interfer with the display and presentation of the other?

And so, to readers, I won't apologize for Google, only myself for not testing it first. And so you will also find many posts with busted image links. I will review and update those where images are helpful to the dialog, and add a note where it's not efficient or productive for me to readd the images.

The last is because adding images to eBlogger posts is cumbersome if you want them in the body and especially presented as an in-line gallery. And typical with Google, there no one so complain to as they don't have links to support staff via e-mail, phone numbers or something, which is also the same, really dumb and stupid.

That's my gripe for today, and will be until I have to undo what Google's stupid programmers did to my images.

Update.-- I did finally find where the notice about removing images from Picasa attached to blog entries will remove them from the blog entries. It's how Google stores images for blogs, with Picasa albums instead of with eBlogger.

While I still thinks it's dumb and stupid, and the answer is never import your images into Picasa, even though they are actually there, just not linked to Picasa albums, I can't argue this now except to say there should be a warning popup saying,

"Deleting this image will remove it from any blog entries. Are you sure?"

Then you would instantly know. And then add a checkbox for "Never show this again with this login." so the user knows and won't forget each session. So, Google, there's my suggestion.

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