Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NPR - Right and best

Sometimes the right choice isn't the best choice. Like Duh? Well, I was driving back from Paradise in Mt. Rainier NP after the opening of the new Jackson Visitors Center, which is really cool, and got to thinking, which is the only other thing I do while driving, no coffee, no meals, no cellphone and often no radio, just wondering and pondering mentally out loud.

And it struck me about a direction I'm going in life, that it's the right choice but not the best choice. This is because there is no best choice, just the optimum I can life with without many regrets. They're all fraught with problems and frustrations. But I now the direction I'm going is right for me, but it's not the best for my me for my health and fitness, and for my depression.

And that's the way life is, nothing comes free, although it may appear to be free or you think it's free to you, you and someone else always, if only eventually, pays a price, usually not good either. Everything comes with pros and cons, and with gains and losses, but it's not always that balance that matters, sometimes you have to balance your body, your mind and your life.

It's not unlike trying not just to balance a camera tripod. When I photograph with my 4x5 camera, the first thing I do is not just balance it but level it. Then you mount the head and then the camera, at which point, with the camera adjustments all set to neutral, you level it too, thereby knowing that all your adjustments are from a level view.

And it's that view that matters as each leg has facets and aspect you must adjust as you go. The life is the faith and believe you have in the direction of your choice relative to the reality of your life and future. The body is your health and fitness. The mind is your sanity and depression. Or mine anyway.

Rather than think about the alternatives, which we're so often likely to do - to decide a choice or direction isn't working or worth the continued effort and go through a change of heart and mind in another direction, maybe the best course is to simply rethink the factors of the choice and the issues in the direction. Huh?

Well, it's not about changing the choice or direction but about where and who you are in the direction and change the route in the direction. Kinda' like getting off the freeway to take a highway through the area at a slower pace, giving you time to rethink things than go so fast, so blindly, you're geting lost in the speed.

This is often necessary when you look ahead, not just to the destination, accomplishing your goal and plan, but beyond that, life beyond finishing, to answer the question, "So, what happens after...?"

And that changes everything. When you think through the choice and direction, you don't have to change the choice or direction, just the journey to get through your life.

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