Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Mr Obama

Ok, now you have won the election. And you have made many promises we both know aren't really that achieveable, but don't worry, I know they were mostly campaign rhetoric for votes and not really promises but ideas. My interest here is to emphasize one promise you made which I want you to keep, and that is transparency. You said it would be the in the way you and your administration will work.

The New York Sunday Magazine today (11/9/08) has an excellent article on imperial presidencies, especially Bush's. With the compliance and complacency of Congress, our freedoms, rights and protections have been evicerated to its lowest level ever, with warrantless wiretaps by the NSA, the Patriot Act, and secret excutive orders. The power the President has assumed over American is unprecedented, including the arrest and incarceration without evidence, just suspiciions, without access to legals aid and the courts, and without contacting family.

All in the name of terrorism, which we know it was and is a charade, a way to create an imperial presidency above the Constitution and our laws. It was a Vice President Cheney objective and he succeeded. And it would be the greatest gift you could make to the American people by changing this where we are a country and nation for the people living with pride and honor about and in our life and work.

if you do as you say you will, bring transparency to your office and work, then undo or ask Congress to undo all those illegal actions by the Bush administration. Give hope to the people that government trusts them and will act within the Constitution and the law. If you don't, or if you keep those powers, and especially use them, all what you promise is dust, long swept away with the campaign signs and debris.

If you prove you're no better than Bush, then you've lost the trust of the American people. And I for one will not only not trust you with anything and on anything, I won't vote for you again. That's what's at stake here. America and the American people. And now it's up to you. We voted and we have expressed our believe in you. And now it's up to you to show it was earned and deserved.

I'll keep you posted on how I see things going.

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