Wednesday, November 5, 2008

JMO - One word

Ok, Obama won, and by more than I estimated. I bet he would have about 330 eletoral votes, wining a mini-landslide if he got the big states (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and California). I didn't account for some other states, New Mexico, Colorado, etc. But as a noted baseball manager once said, "You only need one more run than your opponent."

But this post isn't about the election, the win or even the issues and agenda we now face. It's about perspective.

When Bush ended speeches he usually said, "And God bless America." When Obama ended his acceptance speech in Chicago, he said, "And may God bless America."

Small difference, one word, "may", but big difference in perspective. Bush believed God and America are the same. Obama sees God and America aren't, but can be if we do well. Obama knows the difference between one's faith and one's life. Bush never saw this and never knew to separate them.

Bush assumes he has God's approval and he doesn't, he never earned it by being a better person and leader. Obama knows it about work and striving and if you do well towards people you'll achieve God's approval in your heart and mind. He knows you never assume it and you always strive.

Bush assumes it's already there no matter what you decide, say or do. It's why he knew the attack and invasion of Iraq was good and right, because he said God said so. What God assumes war against innocent people is good and right? The fight and war was and is in Afghanistan, not Iraq. Bush mistook he blindness for vision.

Anyway, this was about one word which show a world of differnce. And why Obama will likely be a good President, even with all the failures Bush is leaving for him and the American people. Obama knows it's about America and the American people, Bush never did and still doesn't see the simplicity of that idea.

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