Wednesday, June 10, 2009

JMO - Deficits

I've been reading the newsstories and editorials about the new budget deficit created by President Obama. And yes, while it's huge and will take decades to pay down along with the rest of the government's deficit, over $10 Trillion now and rising, it's not fair to put all the blame, as the republicans have, on the President. It's an inherited mess and unfortunately the only way out was to spend. It's what the republicans agreed with the democrats was necessary to rebuild the economy and this country.

So, it's not fair after the fact they're whining about it. They not only didn't flinch when President Bush passed the $800 Billion bailout package last fall. They jumped at it with joy for helping the financial industry get out of their self-created bottomless pit. And it doesn't matter half of that money is unaccounted for and was spent in violation of the terms of the bailout. They also agreed with the other $1 Trillion bailout to the banks and home mortage industry, even buying stock at inflated prices as the government did in the first bailout.

But to spend money on people, they're aghast. That' blasphamy in their eyes. Yet, President GW Bush added more to the federal deficit than any president in history, almost doubling it. And the republican didn't bat an eye, let alone raise a voice. It was republican money. But democratic money, God forbid it's evil, in their eyes. Like the people care what party the money was approved and funded by?

The republicans are only resurrecting the same rhetoric they spouted to the American people when President Clinton proposed budgets with deficits. Only the size of the deficit is different. And President Clinton left office with a budget surplus which President Bush quickly erased and we never saw again. President Bush never offered Congress a balanced budget let alone one with a surplus.

And still the republicans didn't complain that it was against their party philosophy and view towards government spending. And they didn't complain when President Bush increased the size of government and significantly increased the size and number of government contractrs and contractors, respectively. They said it was "good" government. That's not only hipocracy, it's pure unadutlerated (political) bullshit.

The American people see it and know what it is. What don't the republicans understand you're not fooling anyone? You know why you lost the election and Congress, and still you continue to spout your rhetoric likes it's new? We wouldn't buy a used car from you, so why do you think we'll buy your rhetoric? If you believe it, I know there's a bridge in Alaska with your name on it, nicknamed, "The Bridge to Nowhere.", which you also paid for already, with our, the taxpayers', money.

And remember it was Republican Governor Palin who proposed the bridge, and after it was killed, kept the money without building the bridge. That's an example of republican fiscal responsibility? Lie to the people and Congress and then take the money and run? And we're expected to buy her story and rhetoric? She's one of you. She only followed the standard republican model GW Bush established, lie, cheat and steal and then feign ignorance.

So, dear republicans, either stop whining or do something productive, like help the American people and this country, not your corporate and industry friends profit with government handouts. You bitch about handouts to people, but not corporations. That's what we see and know. You can't hide that truth and reality. So, just shut up or pitch in and help.

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