Monday, June 22, 2009

JMO - When AARP talks

When the AARP talks, check your wallet and your checkbook, because that's what they're after. They've learned to market their talk for retirees, especially members, but in reality they speak for the pharmaceutical (drug) industry. Even when the latter is offering deals and discounts, and the AARP stands with them, both of them are after your money.

This morning the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) announced working to lower drug costs by $80 Billion and the AARP is their cheerleader. Except that's a drop in the bucket for the drug industry, and they'll get it back in marketing and tax deductions. It may lower the cost of your drugs, and stress may, a little, but nothing beyond that except for some drugs they'll offer more discounts for awhile to get your business.

You see that's what the AARP is about. They're a commercial enterprise selling and promoting insurance, drugs and other things the elderly think they need. They don't represent anyone other than themselves. Sure they offer discounts for older people through their membership, and that's a good thing for those on fixed incomes and couldn't afford it otherwise.

That, however, isn't the AARP but the other companies who business who want your business. They know they can easily recoup the difference in other ways, so they're also not losing besides getting loyal customers. Do you stop to ask yourself if you didn't have the AARP card, would you still buy their products or services? You saved money but still didn't get what you wanted, you got what you paid for.

Even now almost 8 years after I returned my AARP membership card I still get trial membership offers from them and discount offers from other companies through AARP. They sell your information to everyone who wants to pays them. It's not free. You see, you pay them to sell your information to others for profit who market products and services to you. Would you allow another company to do that? So why do you allow the AARP?

As you can tell I don't like the AARP. I joined when I turned 50 when they started the program to the lower age group. But over a two year period I got tired of the junk mail, but mostly I realized they didn't want to really hear my view or voice, but simply wanted to use my name to do what they thought I wanted, and without even asking me what that was or if they had my permission to represent me.

You see when you vote you know, good or bad, you choose that person for their views. But the AARP takes your money then ignores you except to sell you goods and services you don't need. And what was the final straw was a response I got from them when I asked about the membership submission criteria for articles, etc. to their magazines. They said, "We don't accept unsolicited manuscripts from members. We have a professional staff who already know what members and readers want."

That was an, "Excuse me?" They don't care about you, just your money and the fact you're a member to give them more power to lobby Congress as "your representative". Remember when they met with drug companies to propose the last Drug Prescription Bill with the doughnut hole? They helped create that and supported it in Congress. Remember when they supported the bill which prevented the goverment to negotiate with drug companies for lower costs for Medicare and other programs? They also supported that too.

Is that representing you? They said they did, but they also met secretly with the drug companies. You see they profit from drug companies marketing to you. That's what they do. They don't represent you to the drug companies but the drug and insurance companies to you. You're their captive market. And you pay for it.

The AARP is a for profit company marketing their insurance and other companies' goods and services to you. Nothing more, except they disguise it as membership. They simply want your money. If that's ok with you, fine, just understand that. If not, then do what others do, protest, criticize and expose them for what they are, a sham and a scam. In my view anyway.

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