Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finding Linda

Folks, I need to find Linda (Marilyn) Brown. She used to be Linda Knowles. We married in 1971 and divorced in 1984. After that we remained in contact until these recent years. I didn't send out Christmas cards in 2008 and the last contact I've had with her was in 2007 when she was living in Brownsville, Oregon and working at a hospital in Eugene, Oregon. She has sold her property and is probably in retirement somewhere.

She was, and still is, a wonderful person and woman. I owe her a lot for and after the years we were married. We had fun, and as usual went through all the trials and tribulations of marriage until we separated in 1983. It was an amicable separation and marriage because we realized we had changed so much, and while we loved each other, we would marry each other. So we let each other go and have a life, and hopefully find a new and maybe better love.

She remarried, hence the new last name, and then divorced a few years later. She had plans to move to Italy or Spain when she retired, but some injuries and illnesses a few years ago changed the plans, or so I thought. So she may have moved to accommodate any medical treatments or move closer to work if she hasn't retired, and in the process forgot to let other folks know.

Anyway, she's in my will and estate plan, and so I need find her if only to update her contact and address, but really to see how she's doing. So, if you know her, please let her know to contact me. She's knows my e-mail, also found here. I'd appreciate it. And if you do, I'll give you a box of ten photo cards of your choice of eight different sets.

Thanks for any help people you can provide. Unfortunately, this was the last photo of her, dated in the early 1970's. She's the same except older, like we all are since then, with shorter hair.


  1. I looked on Facebook but there are several Linda Browns in Oregon .. such as this one:

    With my face blindness, pictures don't really help me much. And people often don't share enough public information for one to figure out who they are.

  2. Also this one: http://www.facebook.com/linda.brownspike?ref=search&sid=1602129099.283523566..1

    South Eugene High School Class of 66 and works for Oregon Urology Institute.

  3. Thanks, I'm looking through Facebook now, but I doubt she's there. She wasn't much for computers, and planned to move to Europe when she retired. She was originally from Missouri where her Dad retired from the Navy, and she promptly left after graduating high school, first to Chicago and then Sacramento CA where I met her.

    Thanks for the help. I'm looking to point me in a direction and work from there. I have letters to places inquiring about her status and to let her know to contact me.