Friday, January 8, 2010

JMO - Shooting our own foot

Reading the news about the US trying to get other countries help us in the "war on terror", which President Obama doesn't use, we're finding it a rough road until we offer our deep (debt-plagued) pockets to enrich corruprt governments to buy our weapons and arms, allow our special forces to operate in the country, and appear to fight any enemy forces we define as the enemy. This is happening in Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia (the only stable country of the lot), and some in the horm of Africa, among others.

We love corrupt governments because we can do what we criticize others, and especially corporations for doing, bribe people. We simply buy into their government with economic and military aid, which is short for writing checks and delivering pallets of freshly printed money (which we did in the early years of the post-invastion Iraq to find 10's of millions of dollars gone and unaccounted), which is turned into personal wealth for individuals and aid to buy the weapons.

And we're buying into another favor, accepting Gitmo prisoners, er. detainees. Someone please explain the difference between prisner and detainee to them. A review of them discovered 85+% were relativley innocent men and boys (yes, one only 12 years old when "captured"). Another 10+% had some ties to terrorists groups, but not much beyond foot soldiers. And in the end, only a few percentage were serious terrorists.

Except now they're all radicalized against the US. And we're confused? LIke, you imprison some for 6+ years and expect them to like you when we, if we, let them go home or worse to some other country? But still the ricidivism rate is still only between 10-15%. Meaning 85% just want their freedom to go home. Except now many of them will be arrested, and their fate lost to a government (their home country) who thinks they're really terrorists.

In short, we created them and most of them haven't done anything wrong. And now we operate prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan with the same mentality. In the heart of their own country. And we wonder why they hate us?

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